Where Is the Best Place to Put My Pet Door?

Give Your Best Bud Access To The Inside And The Outside

Let’s face it, us Australians are prone to making unnecessary considerations for our pets. Whether this is a form of plush sleeping arrangements or too many treats, we love our pets like our children. However, one of the considerations that is nearly essential to pets is in the form of an access to the inside/outside of our home.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in bringing high-quality pet doors to residential properties around the greater Adelaide. So if you want to create some independence for your pet, and ultimately save yourself the annoyance of getting up and down, contact Jim’s Glass today and we can help you determine where the best place to put your pet door is.


You may not think that there is much to consider when you are putting a pet door in, but the reality is that it might not be as straightforward as you think. Placement comes down to a few factors.  It involves considering the room where the door will be installed, as well as the door itself.

Ultimately, our team at Jim’s Glass has handled the installation of many different pet doors in plenty of applications, and therefore knows what process needs to be undertaken to ensure that it is safe, as well as functional.


Household pets come in all different shapes, breeds and sizes. One of the things you need to consider before you can determine the placement is exactly how big you need the pet door to be for your Adelaide home. It needs to be big enough that it is comfortable for the animal to pass through, but not that big as to take up the entirety of the door.

We have a range of pet doors on offer that spans all the sizes you could need for any given pet. Our team can help you pick an option that suits your door size, but more importantly, the comfort of your pet.

Professional Help

Finally, the best way to determine where to put your pet door is to consult the professionals. Our experience dealing with residential properties and pet doors, in general, allows us to make educated considerations on your behalf. Rather than attempt this task alone, let us help you so you and your pet can enjoy a more convenient life!

If you are in the market for a pet door and need someone to install it professionally, look no further than Jim’s Glass. With experience in all things relating to glass, we are your best chance of making sure your investment in a pet door is a long term solution. Call today to organise a consultation and quote.