Will a Semi-Frameless Shower Screen Transform My Bathroom

Change The Look Of Your Bathroom

At Jim’s Glass, we believe that one of the subtle changes you can make to your bathroom that will have a real visual impact on the area is installing a semi-frameless shower screen. This kind of glass-product not only looks great but is excellent when it comes to containing water in the shower area.

At Jim’s Glass, we are confident that the addition of a professionally-installed semi-frameless shower screen will transform your bathroom space. If you aren’t convinced, let us tell you how we believe that a semi-frameless shower screen will help you realise your dream bathroom.


One of the best traits about a shower screen is how it separates the space within a bathroom. While a completed framed shower screen may create too much of a separation, we believe that a semi-frameless shower screen perfectly blends separation and openness. It can create the illusion of space in your bathroom, while ensuring that the shower area is closed off to the rest of the space.


Not only do we stock a range of different semi-frameless shower screens, but we also have access to other shower screens such as entirely frameless and framed. Our framed options come in a variety of different frame finishes, which means they can match any design you have in mind.


If you are worried about whether the lack of frame will affect how water is contained, don’t stress. A semi-frameless shower screen is just as capable as any other product out there. Designed with high-quality glass, this solution to your bathroom woes is a long term one.


Containing the water to a particular area is essential to the safety of your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the areas in most houses where accidents happen, so it is vital that your shower screen does its job. Our semi-frameless shower screens are designed to do just that – keep you safe.


Full shower screens are good at trapping dirt and grime in places where you can’t reach. If not correctly maintained, this can create a few hygiene concerns for your bathroom. At Jim’s Glass, we think a semi-frameless screen is a perfect solution for these woes.

Overall Aesthetic

Homeowners who are renovating tend to underestimate just how much of a visual impact a shower screen has on the bathroom space. If you want to ensure that your bathroom looks modern and stylish, a semi-frameless shower screen can help you achieve that goal.

At Jim’s Glass, we believe that a semi-frameless shower screen will transform your bathroom into something new and functional. To organise a consultation and quote, call Jim’s Glass today.