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Jim’s Glass supply and install pet doors that are specifically designed to be fitted into glass. Whether it be a sliding glass door, hinged glass door, laundry or kitchen window, or any other low-level glass panel around the home, we can perfectly integrate a pet door that provides full convenience without compromising the look and feel of your home.

Jim’s pet door system provides the perfect finish that others lack. In fact, with most other pet door systems you have to compromise on the look, and often the security, of your home. Jim’s pet doors are comprised of high-grade commercial acrylic and a double-sided mounting system, which makes these pet doors strong, durable and blend with the surrounding architecture of your home.

All Jim’s pet doors are installed into A-Grade toughened safety glass (in full compliance with Australian Standards), and the finished glass panel, complete with your new pet door, is delivered to your home and professionally fitted by a Jim’s fully-qualified glazier.

This ensures you get a perfect and professional finish to your pet door that compliments your home. Guaranteed!


Safety and Security

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Safety and security are paramount to any discerning pet and home owner. Jim’s pet door system provides safety for your pet by allowing them to freely travel between inside and out, with the flexibility to easily lock the door or have it only swing one way to suit your needs at any given time.

Jim’s Glass pet doors are in full compliance with Australian Standards and can only be installed into A-Grade toughened safety glass to ensure your pet door does not compromise the integrity of your glass. The pet door is pre-cut through the glass prior to it being toughened, so the end result can withstand the weather and your pet!

Unlike other pet door systems, Jim’s Glass provides a fully-integrated solution, meaning the security of your home is not compromised. Other pet door systems operate like an insert panel which can easily be used by thieves to gain entry to your home.

Additionally, for personal safety and security, all Jim’s Glass glaziers have Police Clearances, Occupational Health & Safety qualifications and are fully-trained industry professionals, giving you peace-of-mind.

Electronic Upgrade

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Your pet door system can be easily upgraded to become electronic. This unique system allows only your pet to enter through the door, keeping out any undesirables. This system simply attaches itself to the underside of the pet door and senses when your pet is approaching via a collar tag worn by your pet.

This is an optional extra available to you to further enhance your pet and home security. (Available On Small Cat Door Size Only)



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Jim’s pet doors are available in two sizes. The smaller door is suited to cats and small dogs, while the larger is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.

Prompt Installation

Your new pet door will be installed ASAP from the placement of your order! Typically this will be within 7 Days but may be slightly longer if stock is delayed. Our team will keep you posted on the actual ETA. 

Jim’s Glass will send one of our qualified, police-cleared glaziers to measure the window or door and identify with you the optimal placement of your pet door. Once these measurements are taken and your order placed you can expect to see the new pet door in action as soon as we are able to install it for you!

During this time, your new glass panel is cut to size, the mounting holes are drilled and the opening for your pet door is cut into the glass. Then your new glass panel is placed through a toughening treatment to ensure it is strong and durable to support the pet door and every day wear and tear. This process is in full compliance with Australian Glazing Standards. Once this is complete, we arrive back at your home and install the new glass panel complete with your fully-integrated pet door.

We then clean up and take away the old glass panel.
No fuss. No bother. Rapid Installation!

Why a New Glass Panel?

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Why do we need to replace the entire glass panel?
Can’t you simply cut a hole into my existing glass?

Your existing glass panel will either be float glass or laminated safety glass, neither of which is suited to the demands of having a hole cut and pet door fitted into it. Toughened A-Grade safety glass is the only type of glass that is suited to the task and complies with the safe glazing code and Australian Standard AS1288/2006. Other glass types will crack or break, however your new pet door, fitted into A-Grade toughened safety glass, will last year after year. Our confidence in your new pet door fitted into the right type of glass, is demonstrated by Jim’s Glass’ lifetime guarantee!

This is a question Jim’s Glass get asked all the time. The simple answer is ‘no’. The detailed answer is your existing glass won’t be strong enough to handle the weak points and stress to the glass caused by cutting a hole in the panel. Additionally, your existing glass will not be strong enough to handle the day-to-day wear and tear of your pet, weather and general household use.

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Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 to book an appointment
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