What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing is the Ultimate In Sound Reduction And Energy Efficiency!

Whether you are considering installing new double glazing to your home or business or in need of replacing a damaged panel, Jim’s Glass is here to help. Our team of qualified and accredited glaziers are fully versed in the specification and installation of double glazed units, and they will guide you through the process.

The Benefits Of Double Glazing

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Windows that are double glazed is the ultimate choice when it comes to energy efficiency and sound reduction; its sealed air gap acting as its additional layer for insulation. This creates a thermal resistance layer that reduces the heat that escapes through the windows during the winters and cold air during the summer. The insulation that double glazed windows have lessens the stress in your cooling and heating appliance. This in turn lowers down your electrical and heating bills.

Sitting beside a window, your comfort should not be affected by the outside temperature but be supported by the temperature inside the home. With double glazed windows, the outside temperature would not be easily transferred inside because of the insulation. These double glazed windows also reduce the incidence of condensation build up which in turn discourages the growth of moulds in the home.

When talking about sound reduction and double glazed windows, its sealed double glazing helps in reducing sound from between medium to high frequency noise. The difference in the thickness of the glass, as well as the space in between the panes, determines the effectiveness of sound reduction.

For a homeowner’s peace of mind, double glazed windows are a safe option when it comes to home security. Being double, it is harder to break two glass panes rather than one; and in as much as added security is concerned, a homeowner can specifically ask for laminated or toughened glass to be installed on their double glazed windows.

New Double Glazing To Your Home Or Business

Double glazing is the ultimate in sound reduction and energy efficiency. Through the construction of a glass system that is integrated to become what is called an insulation glass unit (IGU), double glazing glass is born into the world to give your home, office or shop the sound reduction and energy efficiency that you need.

When one says double glazed, this would mean that the IGU has two glass panes. There are times when there are three panes of glass; this is known as a triple glazed IGU.

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Single Glazed                                Double Glazed                           Triple Glazed

Glass panes in an IGU unit are spaced apart with a stilled layer of gas or air. The space is made with the use of a spacer. This spacer can be a metal or a polymer strip that enables the two panes to be separated from each other to create a space for the stilled air or gas. The whole unit is constructed in a way that it becomes one whole sealed unit. A drying agent is then used on the spacers to make sure that no moisture gets in.

The space on a double glazed window is sealed to the fullest. This space acts as the insulator as it limits cold air from transferring from the outside to the inside of your room and vice versa.

Argon is used to fill the space created by the spacer at times when increased sound reduction and energy efficiency is called for. This type of gas has a low conductivity property that makes it all the more useful for its purpose.

The window frames for these double glazed windows are wider than the usual window frames. This thicker window frame ensures that the thickness of the IGU is accommodated.

Typically, 6mm to 20mm is the desired thickness for an IGU. 10mm to12mm is the recommended thickness for thermal performance and better efficiency for energy. Sound reduction is achieved with 150mm or over for optimum results.

Experts use a wide variety of glass types: toughened, Low-E, tinted, and laminated glass. These are specially manufactured to achieve the thickness that is required. The whole system or the IGU unit is dependent on the glass type, coupled with the thickness, the airspace, as well as the type of filling determines the energy and acoustic efficiency, as well as the performance.

How Do I Know If I Should Be Considering Double Glazing?

  • Your home is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer
  • Your monthly energy bills are getting more expensive all the time
  • You feel a chill every time you walk past your home’s windows
  • The glass in your windows fogs up, ice over or rattle in the wind
  • Your curtains billow and blow even when your windows are closed
  • Your windows are difficult to open or close
  • You are renovating your house
  • You want to improve the security of your home
  • You want to make your home more energy-efficient
  • You hear lots of noise from outside

If you can relate to any of these, it is worth calling Jim’s Glass on 131 546 and have one of our accredited glaziers come and discuss your options and do a free measure and quote.

Double Glazed Glass Replacement

broken-300x232 What is Double Glazing?Offering a comprehensive glass replacement service, Jim’s Glass can respond to your broken double glazed glass situation fast, effectively, and hassle-free. To find out more about our glass replacement service, including making an insurance claim click here.



What Is The Cost?

The cost of double glazing will depend on the make of the IGU, and the type of window frame the IGU will be glazed into. Consideration needs to be given to the entire window configuration, from the glass through to the frame when ascertaining if double glazing is right for you.

Many existing single glazed window frames will not accept the thickness and weight of a double glazed unit and, therefore, new window frames will need to be fitted, as well. This can have a considerable impact on the final cost of the project.

Options are available for improving sound and energy performance using single glazed glass that is specially manufactured to help in these areas. These single glazed alternatives are not as effective as double glazing but are considerably cheaper and can usually fit into existing conventional window frames. To find out more about single glazed noise-reducing glass, click here. To find out more about single glazed energy efficient glass, click here.

Further information on insulated glass units and double glazing can be found herehttp://www.viridianglass.com/Residential/EnergyEfficiency/Pages/default.aspx

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