Sound Reducing Glass Windows

Noise can be one of the major problems of many homes. Especially those located near children’s parks and recreation centers, airports, malls or in areas where traffic, neighborhood noise, etc, sometimes become intolerable. And noise is becoming more and more an issue, because you prefer your home and work environment more peaceful and productive. Advances in technology have made it possible for windows to reduce sounds or even soundproof an area of your home or your whole house.

How is that done?

Laminated Glass Windows for Noise Reduction. These impact-resistant, glass panes designed for sound reduction and control are now in high demand in the construction industry. To be effective, this noise solution type of glass – laminated glass windows and secondary glazing with an air gap- must be installed and sealed properly.  Laminated windows enable people to have a high level of soundproofing in their homes, affording them a quiet home. Because of how laminated glass is made up, it helps absorb and deaden sound waves, minimizing the amount of noise coming into your house. Aside from one composite pane interlayer, another pane of laminate material- a special polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, over 2 layers of glass panes, create thicker, stronger windows. In addition, the interlayer –with a different density from the glass, breaks up the sound. The thick and sticky properties of the interlayer also, allow for such noise reduction

How does this work?

First, the inner PVB layer of plastic of the laminated glass stops vibrations – like a finger on a tuning fork. Next, the air space between the double layer of windows (the existing window and the new soundproof window), isolates the frame from vibrations. Finally, the seals in the frame are spring-loaded, forcing a constant squeeze on the glass panels. Sound leaks are prevented by this constant squeezing. It also stops the noise from vibrating through the glass. Imagine when a wine glass is held firmly, it makes no ring, even when struck. Same thing happens, as the frame squeezes the glass panels to keep them quiet and reduce noise.

Manufacturers are now trying a variety of technologies. Systems approach, they term it. Putting together features as spacers, air gaps, and framing styles to come up with the best-performing sound-control windows to block noise.

Jim’s Glass has come up with:  Hush Glass Windows. Hush Glass is a sound reducing acoustic glass, developed from new technology that allows unwanted noise reduction without the need for double glazing! Now you can enjoy home life, without noise trouble.

Using HushGlass, we can remove your existing ordinary glass and easily fit new HushGlass into your existing window frames.

14 Day Turnaround

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