Energy Efficient Glass

saving Energy Efficient GlassThe Benefits of Energy-Efficient Glass:

  • Improve your comfort, and your power bills!
  • Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and heating systems – by fixing the windows!
  • Improve the value and marketability of your Energy-Efficient home
  • Energy-Efficient Glass can be installed in to your existing doors and windows. It doesn’t limit your functionality or durability like some other retro- fitting alternatives
  • A healthier home! Naturally control your environment resulting in a healthier home and a happier you!
  • Great for the environment! Energy-Efficient Glass will help to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.
  • 10 Year Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Why Reglaze With Energy-Efficient Glass?

4 Energy Efficient Glass

Traditional windows are an energy liability in a house design. Ordinary glass offers no insulation benefit – so in a typical home with insulation in the walls and ceiling, the windows cause most of the unwanted heat gain and heat loss.

Heat travels from where it is hot to somewhere it is cold. Your winter warmth is escaping from the inside of your home and unwanted summer heat is pouring in – typically meaning that you turn on your heating or cooling systems to restore your comfort.

This creates two problems. Firstly you rely on heating and cooling systems to be switched on to maintain a comfortable environment. Secondly, you need to run them for a lot longer, because your windows are actively working against your desire to keep that heat in, or keep it out!

A typical household spends up to 40% of its total energy usage on space heating and cooling –
the single largest element – so improving energy efficiency can pay real dividends.

Need Proof?

stat Energy Efficient GlassJust put your hand against your existing window in winter and see how icy cold the glass is. This icy cold surface is drawing heat out of your rooms as quickly as you create it. Direct sunlight on a 1m2 of ordinary glass in summer has roughly the same heat output as a single bar radiator. If your living room has 6m2 of glass in it, that is the equivalent of running a 6 x bar heater on a summer’s day!

Energy-Efficient Glass acts like insulation – transparent insulation – to slow down the flow of heat and improve the comfort of your home. Think of your home as a sieve… leaking energy. These leaks need to be addressed.

You Insulate Your Roof and Your Walls.
Why Not Insulate Your Windows?

thermal Energy Efficient Glass

Over 1/3 of your total house surface area is your roof, through which around 45% of your heat escapes to the exterior. Home owners proactively get roof insulation installed to prevent this heat loss.

Windows represent a mere 8% of the total surface area of your home, but the low resistance glass has to heat flow means 49% of energy loss is allowed through your windows and up to 87% of heat gain.

Energy-Efficient Glass slows down this heat flow. Unprotected glazing is considered to be the single greatest source of unwanted heat gain in an otherwise well insulated home.

Improving the insulation performance of your glazing will mean that your home stays at a more comfortable temperature for longer, reducing your reliance on space heating and cooling to maintain your comfort and running them for less time when you do need it.

Improve Your Comfort and Your Power Bill

7 Energy Efficient GlassEnergy-Efficient glass can protect your family year round from the extremes of heat and cold while reducing your power bill. One of the best features of reglazing with energy-efficient glass is that you can keep your views and natural light and be much more comfortable throughout the year. And after all, comfort is the most important thing at home.

Every home is different and every household uses their energy differently but, to give you an idea of the potential savings, consider the below example.

Average power bills in Australia are $3300 and of this total amount about 40% of this is spent on space heating and cooling – say $1320.

Turning your space heating and cooling on later and turning it off earlier could save countless of running hours (and dollars) over a year.

A saving of up to 25% on your heating a cooling bill could mean as much as a $330 saving – year after year.

A report commissioned by the EUAA has found that Australians pay amongst the highest power prices in the world, and in the foreseeable future, we could pay the highest. Improving the energy performance of your windows can pay dividends now and in to the future.

A Better ‘Fit’ Than Double Glazing

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People fit double glazing for their windows to improve energy efficiency and/or to reduce unwanted noise. Double glazing can be expensive, and in most cases cannot be fitted to existing windows due to its weight and thickness.

To use double glazing in your existing windows usually results in having to also replace your window frames, or choose a unit with a very small air gap that will fit, or making compromises on how your frames look or function. Changing your window frames can be a sizeable project.

With the advancement in glass technology, single glazed products can offer similar levels of performance for insulation and sound reduction to retro-fitted double glazed units. Single glazing can be quickly and easily fitted to give improved performance at a fraction of the effort and cost.

Completely Transparent

6 Energy Efficient Glass

Improving the performance of your windows is about achieving balance – making the most of free warmth from the sun when you want it, allowing access to natural light and views whilst limiting unwanted heat gain or glare.

Unlike window tinting, which acts like putting sunglasses on your home, Energy-Efficient Glass does not automatically mean a compromise on natural light. If your home gets cold in winter, but has access to free heating during the day, then window tinting alone may not be any help to you at all.

Installing a clear Low E glass is a great solution for maximising winter warmth; your views and taking away some unwanted summer heat gain The wide range of products available mean you could choose a product that will limit your heat gain in summer, without compromising on natural lighting or anything in between.

Enhance Solar Panel Investment

2 Energy Efficient Glass

Have you installed solar panels? Energy-Efficient Glass will enhance your return on investment in your solar panels by reducing your own home energy consumption, ensuring you return the maximum energy possible back into the grid.

The combination of Solar Panels and Energy-Efficient Glass is the perfect marriage to reduce your carbon footprint, enhance your lifestyle, and saving you money!

Add Value to Your Home

Installing energy-efficient glass can add value to your home, by increasing its market value and its desirability when you chose to sell.

As energy prices rise and Mandatory Disclosure legislation looms, the energy efficiency of homes offered for sale or rental is set to become a real factor in determining market prices.

The Right Products and Right Advice

Viridian-We-love-glass-logo Energy Efficient Glass

Jim’s Glass is proud to stock and glaze Viridian SmartGlass™, an energy-efficient range of glass that recently won the HIA Green Smart Award. You can also choose the additional benefits of Viridian ComfortPlus™ and Viridian ComfortHush™ to enhance the performance and amenity of your windows. These innovative products means you can effectively control the energy performance of your home using a superior Australian made, Australian guaranteed product.

Sound advice on you options is the most important part of getting the best result. You can rely on Jim’s Glass to give you the right advice on glazing selection and installation.

Energy-Efficiency and Sound Reduction!

Viridian SmartGlass™ and ComfortPlus™ are energy-efficient glass types that will insulate your windows and provide enhanced energy efficiency for your home. Smart Glass is a single panel glass with a ‘Low E’ coating, and can be used in many window applications and can also be toughened. ComfortHush™ is specially formulated three layer laminated glass, it has been designed to offer energy efficiency and sound reduction.

Viridian ComfortHush™ is the latest innovation in glass technology where the energy efficiency benefit of 39% better insulation of ordinary glass and a 6dB reduction (weighted average) over ordinary 3mm glass. A 6db reduction will give roughly the same benefit as doubling the distance between you and an unwanted noise source…noisy neighbours, traffic etc.

14 Day Turnaround

Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 to book an appointment
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