Where Soundproof Reigns

28-300x199 Where Soundproof Reigns

Living in the city could give you sleepless nights and disrupt your children’s study time, when all the noise in the street can be heard within the house. The correct term for soundproof glass is sound reducing acoustic glass or more fondly called, hush glass. With all the sounds outdoors, one would have a hard time getting a good night’s rest. So, people have designed a revolutionary innovation that gave the world a type of glass that can reduce unwanted noise from the outside without double glazing.

New houses can easily be fitted with windows that are done with double glazing to minimise outside sound; however, existing structures can’t. With this in mind, hush glass gives homeowners a solution that eliminates the need for double glazing, but gives the effect that is needed – reducing the outside noise and tremendously saving you time in installation, as well as savings in cost.

More and more families are taking advantage of sound reduction acoustic glass because of the benefits that it provides and unparalleled positive feedback to this innovation.

  • Sound reduction. Up to 34% reduction of outside noise.
  • Better than retrofitting. The home’s existing windows will look, feel, and operate in the same way that they did.
  • Better weighted average. Hush glass can deliver a 6dB reduction than an ordinary 3mm glass.
  • Cost-effective solution. Hush Glass installation is considerably less expensive than having double glazing.

With all the benefits that special sound reduction glass can give, no more unwanted outside noise can disturb your sleep! Family members can talk to each other more within the privacy of the home and children would be able to study without disturbing noise pollution from the outside. A quiet home is a peaceful home, and this is where sound Reduction acoustic glass or hush glass reigns supreme!

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