How Pet Doors on Glass Should Be

27 How Pet Doors on Glass Should Be

Dogs and cats that you have at home would not be able to open doors by themselves to go about their own business, unless they have one for themselves. Yes, pet doors are one of the world’s best inventions since litter box fillings! Perhaps you are asking how a house can have a pet door when the doors are made of glass. Well, it is possible even for a glass door to be fitted with a pet door without sacrificing the security of your home.

There are many concerns regarding the addition of a door for your pet. However, many solutions have been thought of to ensure all questions are answered, and making a choice an easy thing to do.

  • Security. One of the homeowner’s top priorities. A pet door that is easily locked, as well as allowing one way passage answers this concern. There are electronic upgrades that integrate a sensor into the system, so the door is automatically locked after your pet passes through. This increases security capability.
  • Aesthetics and compatibility. Getting a door for your pet that looks good and aesthetically compatible with your current structure is an important thing to think about. Of course, without compromising the look and feel of your house.
  • Durability. Selecting the right materials to ensure quality and durability for years of use by your pet. High-grade commercial acrylic made with double-sided mounting system can withstand heavy use, and can prove to be cost-effective as replacements would not be needed every so often.
  • Sizes. Your pets vary in size; therefore, it needs a door that is suitable for them.

Getting your pet his own door is a very good idea as it would allow him to go out and do about his business even as you keep the main doors closed and locked. Jim’s Glass supplies and installs pet doors on sliding glass doors, hinged glass doors, laundry or kitchen windows. Call us now at 131 546 or book an appointment, and let us talk about your options and choices!