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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Adelaide Home’s Shower Screen

Out With The Old, In With The New!

House maintenance is an essential practice for a beautiful, functional home. When it comes to home care, bathrooms are a place people often neglect. That is until something fails and problems arise.

Staying one step ahead is easy. More importantly, bathroom upgrades are a worthy investment. After all, it’s a room you will continue using every day. Your shower screens especially get heavy used daily and significantly influence your bathroom’s overall look. Upgrading them can make a real difference.

Are your shower screens ready for an upgrade? Here are some signs to look out for.

Your Shower Screens Are Damaged

If your current shower screens are cracked our damaged, they need to be replaced ASAP. Cracked shower screens flat out look bad and provide no function, allowing water to spray all over your bathroom and making a mess. Plus, damaged shower screens are a health hazard and an accident waiting to happen, especially if they are made from glass. Damaged shower screens need to be upgraded promptly, preferably with higher quality material that won’t get damaged as quickly and that can last you for a long time.

You Want to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Spacious

If you have a small bathroom that feels cramped and messy, upgrading your shower screen might be an easy fix. If you currently have shower screens with frames or partial frames, that could be acting as a contributing factor to a bathroom that feels small. A frameless shower screen is your best bet. By removing the frames, you get rid of all visual clutter and visually open up the room. It helps create the illusion that your room is more spacious and cleaner than it is.

If Durability Is a Concern

There’s no better way to guarantee your shower screens will last a lifetime than getting new ones installed. That way you can make sure you are getting the best materials, design and installation to last you a long time. Jim’s glaziers work with the highest quality A-grade glass that is 6 mm thick for ultimate resistance. You can be assured of our glass durability and safety as it perfectly complies with Australia’s AS1288/2006 Standards. Additionally, our glass are scratch-resistant, which means that your shower screens will look brand new for years to come.

Aesthetics Are Important to You

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom and give it a fresh, stylish look? Then you need a shower screen upgrade. Trading up your old shower screens for new frameless glass ones is an easy way to improve your bathroom’s look and give it a luxurious touch. A frameless shower screen is an accessible premium feature that can lift your bathroom’s aesthetics for an elegant feel. Jim’s glass team provides complimentary design services to offer you the best results.

Jim’s experienced glaziers provide the highest-quality shower screens to give your bathroom a much-needed upgrade. Our shower screens are always well-constructed and designed, using the best materials. Call us at 131 546 and get your initial quote and consultation.