Why A Glass Pet Door from Jim’s Is the Way to Go!

The Benefits Of Having A Pet Door:

Imagine for a moment that you are your pet.

You probably live a pretty good life. You are free to laze about the house all day. You have kind folks who feed you and tend to you every day. They also play with you, wrestle and cuddle with you which you’re willing to put up with in exchange for the food. All in all, life is good. Well, except for one thing –external forces control your toileting.

Now, while that is a sentence that I never thought I’d write, it is an accurate description of reality for many housebound pets.

Unless you have a pet door – pet doors offer several welcome benefits to our pets – they allow them to answer the call of nature promptly. They help them to fight boredom, and they save us from having to open and close doors continuously. Let’s look deeper at what a pet-door can do for both you and your pet.

The Call of Nature, as Nature Intended

Anyone who’s ever unconsciously wolfed down a bottle of water on an extended bus trip or long commute knows all too well the agony of having to engage in a battle of wills with a full bladder.  When your pet is home alone and can’t freely answer the call of nature, they experience the same amount of discomfort and stress as humans.

Since they always want to behave in a manner that pleases you (well, almost always!), they desperately use every ounce of their grit to resist the temptation to relieve themselves all over the new carpet. Unfortunately, from a health perspective, this can lead to physical and psychological problems from urinary tract infections to neurotic behaviours like biting or scratching furniture.

A glass pet door from Jim’s allows your pet to freely go outside into nature’s bathroom and relieve themselves whenever they need to. The result is less stress and better health for your pet and no unexpected olfactory ambushes waiting for you when you return.

Less Boredom

For our pets, the insides of our homes are not as exciting as the outdoors. No, it’s nothing to do with your choice of display cushions or the colour of the new blinds, your pet would never be so rude as to complain about your interior styling – it’s merely that the outdoors offers so much more in the way of smells, sounds and sights. When our pets are cooped up at home for long periods, they can become quite bored. Bored cats and dogs are your home decor’s nemesis. Excessive boredom leaves pets with too much energy that they end up burning off by waging war against furniture, carpets and even walls.

While waiting for somebody to invent a Netflix for pets, the best solution is to allow your pet access to the outdoors through a glass pet door, where they are free to discover, explore and play in the natural environment.

Convenience for You

Right, I’ve heard enough about doing favours for my pet, what’s in it for me?

Remember two weeks ago when you woke up at 6 am on Sunday after partying the night before? Do you recall the monumental effort that it took to rise from the sanctuary of your bed and let the dogs out? With a pet door those days are over (well, except for the hangover part – a pet door likely won’t fix that).

Anytime when you’d typically have to get up to let your pet out is now time you win back with a pet door. No matter if you’re watching a movie with the family or want to enjoy a lie-in, your pet can use their door to come and go as they please. Also, for those of us are less-mobile, a pet door means that we don’t have to spend so much energy going to and from the door each day.

Let’s Get Started

A glass pet door from Jim’s is a very wise investment for pet owners. Not only will your pet be healthier and happier, but you’ll benefit too from not having to worry about continuously letting them out and into the house.

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