Which Shower Screen Is the Best Fit for a Small Bathroom?

The Perfect Shower Screen For A Small Bathroom

Small spaces can be a struggle. They often end up looking cramped, which weighs down on your perception of the rooms look and comfort. Incorporating the right design elements can completely change the way you feel about your small bathroom. Frameless shower screens are a great way to upgrade your bathroom for maximum satisfaction.

It is why you should install a frameless shower screen in your small bathroom:

Frameless Shower Screens Equate to Elegance

Frameless glass is a real statement piece that can add a luxurious feel to any bathroom, big or small. The style is often in the details, and in your bathroom, especially a small one, a shower screen has a significant impact.

A beautiful shower can be a big deal. Your shower is often a place to unwind after work or get ready for the action-packed day ahead. Being able to enjoy the experience rather than cringe at your small bathroom’s cluttered look can make all the difference.

They Can Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

The frames in most shower screens act as a visual obstacle; they make your bathroom feel smaller. By removing all frames and lines and going for an open and clean frameless shower screen, you make your space seem more extensive and more inviting. With nothing obstructing your sight, your bathroom will feel pristine and polished.

It’s a Significant Home Investment

A frameless shower screen is a small upgrade you can make to improve your house. It’s money well spent since a frameless glass is long-lasting. Jim’s glaziers use only the highest quality A-grade glass, which is scratch resistant. It will look good and new for years and is easy to care for.

You can quickly get a frameless shower screen installed to improve your small bathroom. Let Jim’s experienced glaziers handle the job. We’ll work with you to custom-design a solution that best fits your needs and complement your space. Our frameless shower screens are built with high-quality glass, compliant with Australian Standards that is durable and safe.

They Can Be Customised for Your Space

Jim’s Glass offers complimentary design services to create the perfect frameless shower screen design for your small bathroom. Our glass experts will find the best fit and look to genuinely benefit your small space, always taking safety and function into account. Your glass shower screens will be custom made for your specific bathroom for the best results.

Easy Cleaning

A glass frameless shower screen has, by definition, no frames, hence nothing to trap dirt and scum. The seamless, smooth surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. Wiping down the glass is easy and quick. Keeping your frameless shower screen maintained is a breeze, and with the premium glass used by Jim’s glaziers, it will look amazing for a long time.

Go for a frameless shower screen and work with the glass experts! Jim’s expert glaziers can turn your small bathroom into a beautiful open space with luxurious finishes. Our team will take care of the process from measurements and design to the glass and installation. Call 131 546 to get your initial quote today!