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How Jim’s Glass Can Improve the Look of Your Home!

Are You Looking To Improve Your Home?

The popularity of glass is rapidly growing among homeowners and is the modern choice for interior designers. Incorporating glass into your home is best done by a professional glazier.

At Jim’s Glass, we use state of the art technology to provide you with unique glass solutions to enhance the natural light and sleek appeal of your home. As a professional glazier, Jim’s Glass provides custom-made glass solutions tailored not only to fit your needs but also to enhance the surrounding decor. By hiring Jim’s Glass as your professional glazier, you can rest assured that the job will be completed accurately and following Australian Standards.

Glass Shower Screens

Integrating glass in the interior design is a favourite trick to increase the feeling of space and openness in any room. Therefore, a frameless shower screen is the ultimate choice for any bathroom. However, it should only be installed by a professional glazier.

At Jim’s Glass, we use our custom design software to measure and design your frameless shower screen. That way, you will not only be confident it will fit your bathroom perfectly, but you will also be able to envisage the outcome and explore various design options. We also offer a wide range of shower screen styles, fittings, frame colours, glass styles and accessories for you to choose from.

Glass Table Tops

Custom glass table tops will not only match any style, but they will also add a focal point to the room. They highlight the table’s base and will not hide the rugs or chairs under them, enabling you to add some character to your room.

You have to choose a professional glazier that can customise the glass to fit your tables. Choosing Jim’s Glass will give you endless options. We manufacture glass table tops of all shapes and sizes, even unusual shapes.

Glass Splashbacks

Integrating glass splashbacks in your kitchen gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. Glass is a durable material that is easy to clean, maintain and is heat-resistant.

Glass splashbacks provide a beautiful and colourful finish that is superior to tiles. With glass, there are no grout lines that trap dirt, mould or grease. Unlike tiles, glass adds warmth, depth and the illusion of more space to the kitchen.

Our splashbacks are made using A-Grade toughened safety glass to provide you with a surface that is not only more appealing but also stronger than tiles and fully scratch-resistant. The colours of our glass splashbacks will not fade over time.

Jim’s Glass is not just a professional glazier. We use the latest glass technology and provide you with endless choices of colours. That is why our glass splashbacks are a perfect choice not only for your kitchen, but also the bathroom, laundry room, feature walls, home bar and more.

Choose Jim’s Glass as your professional glazier! Call us now to find out more about our glass solutions that will enhance the look and value of your home!