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What to Do During A Glass Emergency!

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Smashed glass has a unique ability to unleash panic into your life. No matter what you’re up to or how busy you are, a broken window or glass door typically requires immediate attention and emergency glass repair as soon as possible.

Shattered glass poses a direct safety risk to you and your family. In addition to the danger that the sharp glass shards present, strong winds and pelting rain can further add to the catastrophe by spelling disaster for the interior of your lovely living room or kitchen.

If you’re dealing with a shattered window or door, then you need help. You need a professional for emergency glass repair. However, that doesn’t mean that you should call an emergency glass repair service and then go and put the kettle on. There are some sensible steps that you can take to deal with the situation safely and efficiently.

Cordon-Off the Area

You don’t need crime scene tape, but you should block off the glass-affected area to keep pets and young kids out of the danger zone. You might even consider putting the young ones and the pets into a closed room while you deal with the situation. Remember with a window that has just been broken, its structural integrity has been undermined, and it’s far more likely that more of it will shatter. By keeping small creatures away from the danger zone, you’ll minimise the risk of serious injury that shattered glass can inflict.

Now before you think about anything else, get yourself prepared and protected. Fetch a pair of thick gardening gloves and heavy-duty boots if you have them. If not, thick rubber-soled shoes should do the trick – whatever you do don’t go near the affected area with socks or slippers on or you’re only asking for injury. Remember that glass smashes into thousands of pieces, many of which are almost invisible to the naked eye, but which lodge themselves into your feet if you step on them.

Once you’re appropriately dressed carefully start to sweep up and dispose of all broken glass. Remember that many shards are almost impossible to see so take great caution. Examine the window pane, and if there are glass shards attached to the borders, you could try to remove them too. If the weather is at risk of damaging your interior, then you can duct tape a piece of heavy plastic onto the surrounding window to keep the worst of the weather out.

Assess What Caused the Break

Has your window been damaged by a powerful storm or a stray football? If so, then try to consider putting together an insurance claim to recoup the repair costs of a new window. Make sure you take photos with your phone of the damage and not down any essential details. If you suspect that the damage to your window might be the result of a break-in, then call your local police force and report the crime. The police will then advise the best course of action.

Call Jim’s Glass Emergency Glass Repair

In times of emergency, it’s great to have a professional on hand to help you get the situation under control. Jim’s emergency glass repair team are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So, no matter when or how disaster strikes, you can rely on us to help get your glass fixed as fast as possible. Make sure to save our number to your phone now so that in the next emergency, you can have us on the scene in no time at all.