Pet door

How Jim’s Glass Can Improve the Life of Your Pet

How Can Pet Doors Benefit Your Dog or Cat?

Bringing a pet into your home can be a fantastic experience. A pet is a great friend and companion. Being a pet owner entails the responsibility to look after your pet’s needs and well-being. Your furry friend deserves to feel as free and comfy at home as any other member of the family. Installing pet doors can benefit your pet’s home experience by providing freedom and comfort.


Allow your pet to feel free in their own home. Without pet doors, your pets are utterly dependent on you on their comings and goings, which limits their ability to play and explore.

With a pet door, your dog or cat can easily make an exit to pee/poo when necessity calls or when they get bored with your interior. By using a pet door, your pets can roam back and forth as they please, even if you aren’t home. Best of all: no barking or scratching is necessary to call your attention to the door.

Fun and Exercise

Your dog needs to play and stay active. Being trapped home won’t allow your pets to be as active as they need. With a pet door, your pets will be able to go out and play as much as they like, without having to use your furniture as a chew toy. Your active pet will stay healthy and happy and require fewer walks.


Accidents happen. It’s a reality. Unfortunately, if one does occur, there’s no guarantee you’ll be home and ready to help keep your pet out of harm’s way. Installing a pet door gives your cat or dog the necessary tools to escape potential danger. With a pet door, they can quickly return to shelter if they encounter bad weather when playing outside and make a convenient exit in case of a home emergency such as a domestic fire.

Mental Stimulation

Indoor living can be an annoying experience for an animal, especially when you’re not around. With a pet door, they can do some exterior exploring every day. Keep your dog or cat happy by properly stimulating their mind by interacting with the outdoors.

A Happy Pet Makes a Happy Homeowner

Whether you wake up late or spend the day away from home, a pet door gives you peace of mind when your dog spends some time home alone. Your pet will be able to exit and thus reduce the occurrence of indoor accidents promptly. Your furniture will benefit from less chewing and scratching brought about by a trapped, bored dog. Plus, with the proper amount of exercise, your pet won’t explode with pent up energy on your arrival. Pet doors mean returning home without having to do significant damage control.

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