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How Does Energy-Efficient Glass Work?

The Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Glass

As we thrive in a more environmentally-conscious world, we are always looking for energy saving alternatives to products we already use. Of course, there are energy-saving cars and appliances but have you ever heard of energy-efficient glass?

Energy-efficient glass is the future for home improvement projects and will become the standard for new housing. But why, you ask?

We’ve detailed in this post how energy-efficient glass works and outlined the benefits of installing it in your home. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know regarding energy-efficient glass!

What is it?

Energy efficient glass involves the double or triple glazing of modern windows located within your home. Single glazing windows of the past have a high-emissivity, which means that light and therefore heat travel through them extraordinarily easily.

With the new technology of energy-efficient glass, heat is prevented from moving through the windows as the double or triple glazing provides a thermal insulator. The insulation provided by the energy-efficient glass means your house won’t heat up as much and you’ll be able to save more on your air conditioning bill.

Amazingly, energy-efficient glass works both ways. In the cold days of winter the coated, low-emissivity glass keeps traps heat inside and keeps you warm and cozy! Energy-efficient glass can reflect the heat into your room, further adding to their energy-saving capacity.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By upgrading to energy-efficient glass from regular panes, your home can become up to twice as energy-efficient as it was previously. Energy efficient glass is an excellent purchase for the future and as power bills inevitably continue to increase, and the climate becomes increasingly more unpredictable!

For buildings or rooms that are covered mainly by windows, it should be considered critical to invest in energy-efficient glass. You will be able to more comfortably access these rooms for a more substantial portion of the year.

North or east facing windows should strongly consider upgrading to energy efficient-glass especially because there is more heat loss expected for these windows.


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