Noticed A Crack In Your Shower Screen?

Here Are 5 Great Arguments Why You Should Get It Repaired ASAP!

There’s nothing more irritating than a relaxing shower ending up ruined by noticing a crack blemishing your otherwise perfect shower. The last thing you want to be thinking about in your morning in Adelaide is shower screen repairs.

Alas, unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. Showers are wet places, and sometimes a stray knee can find its way into the glass panes with quite some force.

Funnily enough, no one in the family ever seems to own up to causing such destruction, but there’s no need to worry because the shower screen repairs team from Jim’s Glass Adelaide are here to help! Our expert glaziers operate 24/7 for emergency glass repair and can be with you to implement all your shower screen repairs around Adelaide in no time at all.

When you see a crack in your shower screen, don’t waste any time and get the shower screen repairs specialists in Adelaide to fix it immediately. The team from Jim’s Glass Adelaide has provided five reasons why you should take your shower screen repairs seriously.

It Will Only Get Worse

Cracks have the annoying tendency to continue to deteriorate over time if not adequately addressed. The worse a break gets, the more expensive it may be for your shower screen repairs.

Employ the team at Jim’s Glass Adelaide to quickly and efficiently get on top of your shower screen repairs before they become a problem!

A Clean Bathroom is a Must in a Happy House

Your bathroom is the centre of cleanliness for your entire home, so it makes sense to keep it in tip-top shape. Every time you walk into your bath and see a damaged shower, it’ll play on your mind and linger as just another household job that needs your attention.

That’s why the team at Jim’s Glass Adelaide operates a 24/7 emergency glass repair service, so there’s never a wrong time to call!

Mould and Mildew May Build Up

Damage to your shower screen can create crevices that are ideally suited for mould and mildew to inhabit and fester. These cracks can be hard to clean effectively and may cause health concerns for you and your family.


Most showers are equipped with safety glass to minimise potential harm however there is always a risk with broken or damaged glass. Don’t take a chance – get your shower screen repairs done today!

Increase the Value of Your House

If you’re planning on putting your home for sale at top value, then a flawless bathroom is a must. Get your shower screen repairs done with Jim’s Glass Adelaide and get that peace of mind that you deserve.

Call the friendly team at Jim’s Glass Adelaide today and enlist the help of our shower screen repairs specialists to get your bathroom back to its best!