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Five Benefits Of Safety Glass

Why You Should Invest In Safety Glass!

At Jim’s Glass, we emphasise security and style. For decades we have helped home, and business owners add an extra element of security and safety to their properties but professionally installing safety glass in different applications.

If you are having a few security concerns, but aren’t sure if security glass is worth the investment, we are here to tell you why we think it is incredibly beneficial. With a range of positive characteristics for every home and business owner, here is why safety glass is one of the best materials for Australian properties.


Primarily, safety glass is strong! The materials are heat treated to increase its strength, which means that compared to other glass materials, it maintains its integrity over time. While some occurrences may cause the regular household glass to shatter, safety glass may be able to endure these abrasions. With professional installation from the Jim’s Glass team, your safety glass will be as secure as glass can be.


Some property owners fear that adding safety glass might be at the detriment to the natural look of glass. However, this is not the case with safety glass. Your home or business will still exhibit the same level of transparency. Like all glass, correct and professional installation plays a large part in how the material will look. With Jim’s Glass, your new safety glass will be the perfect aesthetic addition.


An investment in safety glass is a long-term solution. Built-to-last, your home or business can benefit from the characteristics of the material for years to come. The glass is easy to maintain with a simple cleaning and will keep its look and feel for many years.

If you are tossing up to whether an investment in this material is worth it, know that this is a long-lasting one!


The beauty of safety glass is that when broken with extreme force, it breaks up into small chunks rather than tiny sharp pieces. It is one of the core benefits of safety glass, as it helps reduce the likelihood of glass-related injuries. In high traffic areas, like many businesses, safety glass can help everyone stay safe.


In both residential and commercial applications, glass is a natural access point for unwanted guests. While safety glass isn’t impenetrable, it is stronger than regular glass, which means it may be more difficult to compromise.

Safety glass is a fantastic material that is incredibly beneficial to a range of property types. If you desire to increase the security and safety of your property without sacrificing the look, consider Jim’s Glass and safety glass for your next project!