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Here’s How The Simple Shower Screen Can Give Your Bathroom A Makeover

Update Your Bathroom With A New Shower Screen!

A shower screen may seem like a regular component of every Adelaide bathroom. However, the reality is that this addition is flexible, that can dramatically change the overall composition of your bathroom. If you are on the lookout for reasonable ways to give your bathroom a comprehensive make-over, it might be time to replace your shower screen.

At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in bringing South Australian bathrooms a range of shower screens to suit different design visions, layouts and functions. If you are looking for a reasonable way to give your bathroom a makeover, look no further!


Most private bathrooms in Adelaide are reasonably confined space, and your treatment of that space dramatically affects the comfort of your bathroom. If you want to create separation and space within your bathroom, you can try any number of different shower screen applications to switch up the overall layout of your bathroom.

At Jim’s Glass, our team has installed shower screens in numerous applications, and has created visual and spacious bathrooms all through the installation of a shower screen! If you are looking to create a design that utilises the space to the best of its ability, consider the shower screen experts!


At Jim’s Glass, we don’t just offer regular framed shower screens. However, if that is the product you desire, we have a broad range of frame colours to suit the vast majority of bathroom designs and needs.

There is surprising versatility in shower screen products, and with professional and knowledgeable installation, you can explore a range of design options to suit your style. With completely frameless shower screens, you can tap into the trend of minimalism, and with semi-frameless possibilities, you can continue to maintain the timeless look of a frame, while creating the illusion of added space.

Safety and Functionality

It may come as a surprise to many, but a shower screen that is professionally installed is responsible for maintaining security in the bathroom. Residential bathrooms can be incredibly dangerous, primarily due to the hard surfaces and presence of water. A fully-functional shower screen not only gives your bathroom a needed makeover but ensures safety.

With Jim’s Glass, you can be assured knowing that your new shower screen will not only look great but function concerning water containment and flow.

At Jim’s Glass, we believe that the addition of an aesthetic and functional shower screen is the ideal way to give your bathroom a makeover. If you are looking to achieve a particular design goal in your bathroom and breathe new life into the area, contact Jim’s Glass today!