Shower Screen Adelaide

Don’t Let a Broken Shower Screen Get You Down!

Look No Further than Jim’s Glass!

If a freak accident has left your shower screen with a large crack, or even worse, completely shattered, don’t panic! At Jim’s Glass, we are here to solve all of your shower screen-related woes! If you are noticing even the smallest of cracks in your shower screen, call Jim’s Glass today.

We are a one-stop shop for all glass-related service, and know the material better than anyone! With years of experience, and the broadest range of services, call Jim’s Glass when your shower screen begins to fail. To ensure the safe repair of a broken shower screen, we have the service for you.

Fast Repairs

One of the primary concerns with broken shower screens is how quickly you can get them rectified to make sure that your bathroom returns to being a safe space. At Jim’s Glass, we have a 24/7 emergency repair service that focuses on a quick turnaround. This way you can call whenever you notice the crack in your shower screen, and we can help you get back on track!

Glass Knowledge

Our team of glaziers at Jim’s Glass possesses an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to glass. You will be the benefactor of this knowledge when you employ our service. With years of experience, we have been able to develop installation techniques that emphasise security and durability. We know glass so well that we can make professional recommendations about materials and applications, to ensure the end product is what you envisioned exactly.

All Applications

There is no task that we are afraid to tackle. A bathroom should be a unique space, designed in the way you envision it. Therefore, you should install your shower screen in a way that appeals to your taste. At Jim’s Glass, we have the experience to safely and diligently approach all shower screen applications. So, no matter how unique you believe your shower screen application to be, you have the best chance at a quick and professional repair with Jim’s Glass.


If you are looking for a broad range of shower screen products, Jim’s Glass should be your number one stop. We stock framed shower screens in a range of different frame finishes, and can even offer framed and semi-framed varieties for the benefit of our customers. If you have your eyes set on a particular product for your shower screen replacement, look no further.

At Jim’s Glass, we are here to help you ASAP if you suffer from a broken shower screen. No matter where you are located in the greater Adelaide area, and what time it is, call Jim’s Glass today for emergency glass replacement!