How Can You Prevent Messy Kitchen Walls

41-300x200 How Can You Prevent Messy Kitchen Walls

Of course, you can cook. But cleaning oil splashes on the walls can be a nightmare! Oils, sauces – these are the most common ‘wall spills’ that the kitchen experiences in its lifetime. This happens in home kitchens, restaurants, and even outdoors. We enjoy the food but never the clean-up. Who does anyway? So how do we make cleaning a breeze? With splash backs!

Splash backs are glass installed right on top of the wall itself so clean-up can be done easily. However, kitchens are not the only places this can be installed at. Bathrooms, shower rooms, auto shops, and factories are areas where water, oil, and paint can be accidentally spilled or sprayed on the walls. The uses of splash backs are limitless.

Will Splash Backs Collide With The Design?

Splash backs are highly customisable according to the design and structure of the area. Endless colours to choose from, as well as A-grade toughened safety glass answers to all design queries. The absence of grout lines that trap dirt makes it a better choice than tiles for purposes of hygiene and beauty. Cleaning is a breeze with a simple ‘spray and wipe’ technique and voila! It is clean again.

Splash backs are a good solution to the age old problem of wall stains and a great investment as it saves time and money on having a paint job done constantly. With its shiny finish, it is a perfect choice for adding colour, depth, and light; a hygienic solution that eliminates mould and dirt build up.

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