Where Do Frameless Shower Screens Fit In

42-300x200 Where Do Frameless Shower Screens Fit In

Most houses do not have ample space for the bathroom, and they are made stuffier by clutter and a clunky shower stall. If this is what your bathroom looks like, space-saving shelving, frameless shower screens, and a mirror on one side are very good ideas to make your bathroom look more ‘spacey’ and brighter.

Whether it is an old house needing an upgrade or a modern newly built home asking for a touch of interior design, there are ways of making a bathroom look and function better. With the advantage of getting an elegant and more polished look, the possibilities are endless!

Giving Solutions

Frames exude limit, thus creating a visual picture of boundary. The mind sees these boundaries and gives the individual an image of limited space. Interior designers, engineers, and professional glaziers have come up with the best solution. By eliminating these frames, you eliminate boundaries; eliminate boundaries and the eye will see space. This idea coupled with standardised safety glass is the principle that frameless uses.

Frameless shower screens, taking the place of a clunky shower stall lets one see more space as they are seamless. Space-saving shelves made of safety glass allow you to store things and get rid of clutter. Stacking them one on top of the other makes more space to stock items. Another great idea would be mirrors. They reflect light and colour which in turn tricks the eye into seeing more of the room.

A myriad of styles are available for matching the structure and design of the bathroom. Explore the possibilities of your bathroom; make it seem larger or create your own oasis! Jim’s Glass has a wide range of solutions to give you more space where it is needed. We offer free measure and quote. Call us at 131 546 or book online for your frameless solution!