What do you see in the mirror glass?

4-199x300 What do you see in the mirror glass?

Pools of dark water, or the most brilliantly polished obsidian – these were the first mirrors. Mirrors had for so long enchanted people with its ‘power’ to reflect images. Various uses have been constantly evolving such as the use of a mirror in fun houses, as well as safety views that a convex mirror brings.

The mirror is a very good addition to any home or office. It can be used to give the illusion of space, look at corners from another side of the room, and magnify the light in a room which can be a feature. It is one of those things that never fail to enchant every passer-by.

Mirrors in the 16th century were an expensive luxury. Today, with mass production and professional glaziers to install them, it is something that is cost-effective and beautiful.

On Hand Mirrors

Whether an accessory to your home or creating a ‘me’ space, a mirror proves to be both practical and functional. It is great in adding depth to a rather limited space. Reflecting light and colour, the main function of a mirror can also be an energy saver as they reflect light back to illuminate a room more effectively with natural light. It can also channel light to a particular spot.

Highly customisable according to the owner’s needs, custom mirrors can and will give your place a unique and elegant touch. Segmented, bevelled, curved, sandblasted, etched, or even tinted; made with safety glass, it can suit any design and style. Mirrors are a good way of keeping an eye out through the looking glass.

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