Emergency Glass Repair

Broken Shopfront Window?

Don’t Let it Bring Your Business Down! Call Jim’s Glass Today!

If you own a business in Adelaide, and you have experienced the unfortunate occurrence of a broken storefront window, we are here for you! Whether this is a result of an accident, like a vehicle losing control, or of burglary, at Jim’s Glass, we have a service designed precisely for you.

With 24/7 emergency glass repair, we can help you restore safety, security and functionality to your business. If you have found yourself in this situation, allow our mobilised team to help you out 24/7. There are many reasons that a broken shopfront window should be taken seriously, all of which can dramatically affect the success of your business!

Protect Contents

For most businesses, what is inside the premises is of considerable value. Whether this is some form of stock or valuable equipment, compromised glass can lead to theft, if that wasn’t the intention in the first place. It means that the emergency repair of a broken storefront window can be the difference between your business losing excessive stock and ultimately suffering.

By immediately seeking out emergency repair services for glass from Jim’s, you decrease the likelihood of compromising what is inside your business.


Broken glass immediately creates a hazardous environment for all of those who come into contact with it. The restoration of effective and durable glass is a careful process and one that only professional should handle. Depending on the severity of the broken window, there can be enough broken glass around to cause significant danger to those in the area.

The emergency glass repair service that we offer has been designed to keep you safe and restore safety to the area as soon as humanly possible!

Don’t Lose Hours

For many businesses, any interruption to precious business hours can lead to significant financial strain due to cash flow. If a storefront window has broken for whatever reason, the unsafe environment, investigation or general clean-up can take a while. It can lead to a cease in production or maintaining regular business hours. Ensuring immediate replacement or repair is a great way to ensure that you don’t put your business under unnecessary financial strain.

A broken shop front window can be stressful, but with Jim’s Glass 24/7 emergency repair services, you give yourself the best chance at protecting the inside of your business. If you don’t wish to send money out the door due to closure or theft, make sure you treat a broken window as an emergency! Call Jim’s Glass today to organise a replacement!