Sound-Reducing Glass

Why You Should Invest In Sound-Reducing Glass For Your Adelaide Home!

The Benefits Of Sound-Reducing Glass

Is the hustle and bustle of Adelaide keeping you up at night? Are you looking for a bit of quietness and relaxation but aren’t sure how to block out the world? At Jim’s Glass, we provide a sound-reducing glass product that can help you keep out the noise all day long.

Traditionally, the way to reduce noise coming through the glass was to double-glaze, a process that is very difficult in existing homes. Without the new HushGlass product, every property, residential or commercial can enjoy a relaxed environment. If you are wondering whether investing in new windows is worth it, let the Jim’s Glass team fill you in.


There isn’t anything quite like a bit of peace. Our sound-reducing glass (also known as HushGlass) is used to block out (or decrease) the acoustic impact of noise. If you are yearning to transform your home into a relaxing, quiet environment all day long, HushGlass (or sound reducing glass) is the perfect solution.

At Jim’s Glass, we have faith in the capabilities of this material and can install it in a professional way that ensures its functionality.


Do you live near a train line? Or even an Airport? Those loud outdoor noises can be frustrating, even more so if they are irregular. The distraction alone can be detrimental to functionality, especially for businesses. If you need to focus regularly, an investment in a sound-reducing glass is a price you will recoup by gaining renewed focus.

If your home or business is continually interrupted by noise, an investment in sound-reducing glass can restore order to the interior areas!


If you have young kids, getting them to sleep through the night is hard enough, without the added stress of a noisy environment. An investment in HushGlass can be the difference between your kids getting a good night’s sleep and being up all night due to a noisy situation.

The installation of HushGlass is a cost-effective and straightforward process, compared to that of double glazing, and one that can be undertaken on existing properties with simplicity, especially with Jim’s Glass.


Sound-reducing glass works both ways! Not only will you reduce the noise coming into your home, but also any sound going out. If you don’t want to anger your neighbours, and you have a busy household, it might be time to invest in a sound-reducing glass!

The investment in sound reducing glass for your Adelaide home is an excellent idea for anyone looking to create an overall peaceful environment. Whether you are sick of the busy roads keeping the kids awake, or you want some peace for functionality purposes, call Jim’s Glass today and inquire about the sound-reducing glass.