What’s IN? A feature on Glass Dining Room Tables

The glass table top may take a back seat for a while as the new trend in dining room table gets more popular. Glass dining Room tables! A glass dining room table is not entirely made of glass but is mostly glass with metal support. The versatility of glass is still the best feature that glass tables can be proud of.

Glass dining room tables are very modern in appeal and thus, will match those who are designing new homes or upgrading furnishings for an existing dining room theme. They are easy to clean and can greatly brighten up even a small dining place.

Glass dining room tables provide an elegant venue for family dinners or even small parties and mini get-togethers. There is no need to add tablecloths or messy mats just to make the dining area more pleasant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Glass dining tables are also lightweight compared to intricate wooden tables that may be bulky for a small dining room area.

The versatility does not stop with its ability to be matched with the overall dining room theme. It is also easy to match your glass table with chairs or adjacent bar panels. Matching can be easy. One can base it on the dining table’s glass tint, shape, type and any other characteristic. The possibilities are endless! One can even match the dining room windows with the glass dining room table.

If you are concerned with its fragile nature and the danger they bring to your household, much more to your children and pets, do not fear. Glass dining tables are now available made of safety glass materials that are resistant to impacts and will not pose a threat even upon contact.

Lastly, another feature of glass dining tables is the easy-maintenance characteristic that is a dream come true for every homemaker. A damp cloth is all you need to keep it sparkling clean. No need of regular varnish or applying paint to make sure it will look new and well-maintained.

Go ahead and let you inner creativity let you decide. Jim’s Glass will manufacture your glass table top from your drawing or sizes or alternatively we offer a complimentary measure and quote service, where a trained Jim’s Glass specialist will visit your home or business to discuss your needs, take measurements and provide a written quote.


Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 or use our online booking form to make an appointment.