How to Get Rid of Glass Scratches

Scratches can be very unsightly marks.  On almost any household item: furniture, appliances, etc. Worst of all on your glass items, scratches and scruffs can ruin not only their look, but their value, as well. So if your mirrors, coffee tables, windows or other glass items inside your home, have been scratched, these can present some problems, because often these can very difficult. Maybe, even impossible to get rid of.

Nevertheless, most home repair consultants say, minor scratches may be minimized, if not eliminated. As a general rule, they say, if your fingernail can be inserted into the scratch, definitely, this is a job for professional glaziers or polishers.

Using traditional jewellers’ rouge (cerium oxide), a soft cloth and protective gear, you can get rid of a minor or small scratch just by hand rubbing and rubbing until the scratch turns into a  mere speck or completely disappears. Or if you have one, use an electric buffing machine. Repair masters however warn, there can be some dangers like, breaking the glass. A scratch can weaken glass so that exerting too much pressure on a spot while buffing may cause it to crack. Another concern:  the dangerous chemicals to be used, as ammonia and cerium oxide. Dust mask, goggles and rubber gloves are therefore essential tools as your protective gear.

So, despite all these warnings and important reminders and you‘re still bent on doing your own scratch removal attempt, here are the steps to follow:

  • Whenever possible, lay the glass on a flat surface to prevent the glass from being broken or distorted.
  • Apply a small amount of jeweller’s rouge or even toothpaste (the white paste type, not the gel kind) to the pad of your buffer.
  • With the electric buffer at low to medium speed and with mask and goggles on, begin buffing. If it is such a tiny scratch, or is in an awkward spot, buffing by hand with the polishing pad works best.
  • Without taking off your protective gear, fill a spray bottle with 2 cups of warm water and 1/2 ounce of ammonia.
  • Finish off with cleaning the glass surface.  Spray the area you buffed with an ammonia-water mixture then with paper towel,  wipe it clean
  • Repeat this process, several times. But if it doesn’t work for the third time, hand the job over to a pro.

Some scratches can be awfully stubborn. It is time then to consider calling a professional especially with larger scratches requiring experience and expertise to remove buffing of a deeper scratch heats the glass, particularly tempered glass. This needs to be cooled slowly to prevent shattering. Only professionals or those experienced with buffing glass could handle scratches of these types.

So why bother with the mess?  If after all your attempts the scratch is still prominent, chances are, it cannot be repaired except perhaps by professionals. Experts at using electric buffers and abrasive paste to quickly grind-out industry scratches and blemishes.

All the trouble and anxiety over the risky restoration job may not be as problematic as you thought. Call a glass repair technician right away, and get your glass repair worries over as soon as possible.

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