Shower Screen Repairs

What Type of Shower Screens Do Jim’s Glass Repair and Is It the Best Option?

Shower Screen Repairs

Just like the majority of home improvements, shower screens come with a multitude of different options; everything from glass finishes through to framing colours and custom sizes. However, it is important that you choose the correct screen for your bathroom in order for it to provide you with optimum functionality.

Just like choosing the right shower screen is important, so is finding a glazier that offers shower screen repair options. At Jim’s Glass, we are the experts at creating custom designed solutions that will fit your bathroom perfectly. We offer our clients the choice of three screen framing styles as well as 24/7 shower screen repair services.

With a Jim’s Glass solution and our fantastic repair service, you’ll never have to worry about your shower screen being an inconvenience ever again! Discover how Jim’s Glass can improve your shower screen below:

Discover Our 3 Shower Screen Options Below:

At Jim’s we pride ourselves on providing our customers with choice. This is why we offer three options; each available in a range of various frame colours and glass finishes, perfect for any home design!


Our framed screens are constructed out of an aluminium frame that surrounds and acts as a support system for the glass screen door. The aluminium frame offers great support, while the safety glass is only between 4 or 6mm making it lightweight and easy to use.

Framed screens are popular amongst many homeowners because of their extreme durability and affordable price point; making them perfect for budget-conscious buyers and those with young children.

All of our framed shower screens come in a range of colours and glass finishes, allowing you to customise your shower screen to fit in perfectly with your bathroom’s aesthetic.


At Jim’s Glass, we believe in making shower screen solutions that are not only attractive but also sturdy and safe for you and your family.

Our professional glaziers will help you achieve a shower screen design that allows the frames to be carefully integrated to support the 6mm safety glass in key points. This innovative design allows for budget-friendly glass, while also creating an end result that will add a fresh and spacious look to any bathroom.


As the name suggests, our frameless shower screen designs have no aluminium frame, allowing you to create the illusion of a larger space. At Jim’s Glass, frameless shower screens are our speciality! This stunning design will transform any bathroom into a stylish and sophisticated space.

Not only do our frameless shower screens look fantastic, but they prove to be the more hygienic option. Without any supporting framework, you’ll never end up with a build-up of soap scum between the frame’s cracks. Did we mention that they’re easier to clean too? Win!

To ensure that your family are receiving a high-quality shower screen that complies with all Australian Standards, all of our frameless solutions are constructed out of 10mm toughened safety glass. You have the option to completely personalise your new shower screen design with an extensive range of glass finishes, hinges, fittings and handles for you to choose from.

The Jim’s Approach

Well, there you have it! At Jim’s Glass, we are committed to providing our customers with a shower screen solution that is second to none! With an extensive range of shower screen options, as well as offering 24/7 glazier repair services, our professional team will ensure that your shower screen adds to your home, and never detracts from it.

If the unfortunate does happen, and you require immediate shower screen repairs, we are on call 24/7! Be sure to call the Jim’s Glass group for your next glazier service!