Glass Replacement

Glass Replacement

If you require emergency glass replacement it’s best to call our 24 Glass Repair Hotline on 131 546.  If there isn’t an emergency, but you require the glass replacement services of a qualified glazier from Jim’s Glass, you could also call our HotLine on 131 546 or alternatively log the call online into our system for a glass repair quotation.

Note that our glass replacement quotation service provides a business hour response.emergency-glass-replacement1 Glass Replacement.

Replacing broken glass

Broken glass must be replaced in a timely manner: – it can be unsafe, leave your building unsecured and anyone inside exposed to the elements.

Broken glass is unsafe

Replacing broken glass make the situation safe. People are easily able to accidentally cut themselves on the jagged edges of broken glass. Slivers of glass scattered around the damage can cut people very badly if they step or lean on the shards. Children are also at risk of accidentally cutting themselves on the jagged edges of the broken glass.

Elderly people risk injury, and may suffer from serious injury from falling over slivers of broken glass near the scene of a damaged window.

Glass replacement to secure your property

Glass provides a secure environment for your family, employee or clients. Premise security is compromised should glass windows be damaged. Replacing the glass in these situations will restore the security once again.

Glass replacement to keep the weather out

Glass insulates us from the elements of weather. Your building is not protected from rain or wind if a glass window is broken or a damaged window frame does not close correctly. In these situations replacing broken glass becomes an imperative.

Replacing Sub-standard Glass

When you call out a professional glazier trained to make glass replacement, one of the first things that they are going to do is ask how big is the glass frame. The majority of homes built 20 to 30 years ago were constructed using 3mm single glazed glass as windows. This glass too thin, and not considered safe or suitable any more. This glass is not used in new constructions or as a replacement product anymore as it does not meet with Australian standards.

Australian Standards and the Building Code specify the type of glass can be used. All Jim’s Glass Glaziers are trained in the Australian Standards AS1288 (Glass in Buildings – Selection & Installation).

3mm glass cannot be used to replace broken window even though it may have been the original size glass. Jim’s Glass will ensure the correct glass is installed in accordance with the code. We also provide a lifetime guarantee on all our work

The next time you need a glass replacement job done, you should strongly consider calling in Jim’s Glass on 131 546.