Want A Shopfront That Will Stop People in Their Tracks?

Looking For a Shopfront That’ll Make an Impression?

As a business owner, you know that first impressions matter. You understand that how a potential shopper initially feels about your business will, in turn, affect the likelihood of them becoming a long-term customer.

When you look at your shopfront or business premises, are you impressed by what you see? Does it inspire you to enter your shop or business? Does It communicate professionalism and attention to detail? Does it tell the story of how you are better than your competition?

If the answer to these questions is ‘no’ or even ‘maybe’, then you can be certain that potential customers are not captivated by your shopfront. If it sounds like it’s time for a revamp, read on to discover how investing in a new state of the art glass shopfront can help your business grow to new heights.

More Customers Mean More Sales

For better or for worse, human judgement relies heavily on visual cues. What we process through our eyes has the power to affect how we feel dramatically. If you’ve been neglecting your shopfront or if it has become a little dated and tired looking then it’s very likely that it’s negatively impacting your bottom line. Installing an eye-catching professional glass shopfront is an excellent way for your store to entice more browsers inside. By maximising visibility, shoppers will soon be converted into paying customers.

Lower Energy Costs Mean More Profits

If your energy bills are too high for your liking, then it’s time to do something about it.  Through technological innovation, energy-efficient glass has become the ideal solution for your glass shopfront. Some business owners have reported that an energy efficient shopfront has lowered their energy costs by up to 25% which paid off their initial investment in no time at all. Not only does energy efficient glass help to keep your overheads as low as possible, but it also means that you’ll be contributing to a greener environment and a better future for all. It’s a win-win situation.

Legal Compliance Is a Business Responsibility

Many older shopfronts in Australia are now no longer compliant with the latest building regulation standards. Such shopfronts may present serious health and safety risks to both staff and visitors to your business.  It is recommended that all commercial property owners who are in doubt about their compliance status get in touch with Jim’s Glass to arrange a free inspection and complimentary report from one of our certified technicians. All compliant premises are issued a certificate of compliance.

Maximising the visual appeal of your business, minimising your energy costs and complying with the latest building regulations can be achieved with a beautiful glass shopfront from Jim’s Glass. Smart business decisions make great businesses, and we believe that we have the experience to deliver a finished shopfront that you will be proud of. Remember, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.