Jim’s Glass specialise in glazing shopfronts. Whether it be replacing a broken or vandalised shopfront, upgrading your existing shopfront or installing a new shopfront, Jim’s Glass has the expertise and experience you require.

Jim’s Glass are fully resourced and can provide extremely fast turnaround for your shopfront resulting in minimal disruption to you and your business.

Emergency Shopfront Replacement

call-hotline Shopfronts
call-hotline Shopfronts

Jim’s Glass offers a fast and reliable emergency glass replacement service for your business. Our 24 hour emergency glass service is designed to resolve situations where broken glass poses security or danger risk.

We commit to having fully equipped vehicles & a high calibre of glaziers to ensure your glass replacement will be completed in the fastest possible time and minimise any inconvenience to you or your business.

Jim’s Glass can solve your broken glass problem at any time of the day or night by responding promptly to repair your shopfront glass.

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Our commitment to service, fully equipped vehicles & the high calibre of our Glaziers ensures your glass replacement will be completed in the fastest possible time to minimise any inconvenience to your business.

Call outs after hours will incur an after hour’s call out fee, which can be covered by your insurance. Jim’s Glass provides a specialised insurance service; fast, easy & hassle free! Jim’s Glass is a leading provider of Insurance Services to replace damaged shopfronts. Find out about our insurance service.

Upgrade Your Shopfront Glass

new-shopfront ShopfrontsOther than replacing damaged shopfronts, there are many reasons why you would consider upgrading the glass in your shopfront such as safety concerns, security or to improve your businesses’ energy efficiency.

Many commercial properties have old glass that doesn’t comply with the current Australian standards, presenting a security or safety risk. Replacing your shopfront and low level glass panels or glass doors with safety glass will bring your business in line with the building requirements and protect your employees and customers; and minimise potential litigation.

1 ShopfrontsJim’s Glass offers a complimentary inspection service to assess your business and will provide you with a written report. Once an inspection has been completed , arrangements can be made to upgrade any non-compliant glass panels. Upon completion, Jim’s Glass is authorised to issue a certificate of compliance that the glass in your business is compliant with Australian Standards.

Worried about security? Don’t let burglar’s gain entry to your business by breaking your glass! Upgrade your glass windows and doors to Burglar Resistant Glass today. This high impact resistant safety glass has a tougher inner? layer that prevents access by intruders who attempt to gain access to your business by using bricks, sledge hammers, axes etc to break the glass. Call Jim’s Glass on 131 546 and book an appointment with a Jim’s Glass Glazier to inspect your business, discuss your needs, offer the right advice and present you with a free no obligation quote.

Jim’s Glass specialise in scratch resistant glass. If your shopfront is prone to vandalism,
call Jim’s on 131 546 to arrange an appointment to discuss the scratch resistant options
that we have available.

Save money and enhance your bottom line! Insulate your shopfront now! Energy-Efficient Glass is the latest in glass technology and the replacement of your shopfront glass with this amazing innovation will become an investment that will save you money! To find out more about how energy-efficient glass can work for you, click here.

New Shopfronts and Fit Outs

If you are considering a new shopfront or shop fit out, whether it is your own shop or if you are a builder or shop fitter, Jim’s Glass provide the right combination of knowledge, skills & ability to deliver an outstanding solution. Jim’s Glass understands the pressures and time constraints of shop-fit outs and we pride ourselves on achieving deadlines.

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Jim’s Glass – the experts in frameless and semi-frameless glass systems – specialise in shopping centre malls and offers framed and exterior solutions. Skilled in interpreting architects and engineers drawings, Jim’s Glass ensures your shopfront is secure, appealing & complies with Australian Standards.

Offering a complimentary design & quote service, this allows you to explore how various options can impact your shop design and enhance the visual appeal of your business. Call 131 546 to book an appointment.

Jim’s Glass will also supply and fit all internal glass shop fitting requirements such as mirrors, counter tops and colour backed glass or splashbacks.

Book an appointment with a Jim’s Glass trained glass specialist and explore the many options available – Call 131 546