Semi-Frameless Shower Screen: Your Best Alternative For A Modern Bathroom

Nothing is more satisfying than having a modern-style bathroom that can become a sanctuary of comfort and elegance in your own home. Sometimes though, budget and designs, can give homeowners some constraints. Not anymore, for today you can have the best alternative –the semi-frameless. It’s cost-wise, because it is less expensive (compared to the frameless products) and built to last, but will not compromise your sophisticated taste. It used to be that shower doors were made with wide metal framing. Modern trends make glass the focal point and thus creating some illusion of space.

The sleek and minimal metal semi-frameless doors and showers come with a wide variety of material choices for framing and finishes. Along with so many glass colors/ tints, textures, and thicknesses, semi-frameless enclosures suggest great options for various creative projects, more visually appealing than the conventional framed products.

How Is this Done

There can be many ways to achieve the frameless- like look. Instead of thick metal frames for corners or around the shower door, a semi-frameless shower framing could only be one inch wide on the corners. Likewise the door framing would be narrow.

Using metal framing only on doors and the sides of shower walls, a semi-frameless shower can be made as a separate structure, not attached to the tub. Or it could be installed just right behind the bathtub. But because the shower needs to be constructed with a material that is strong, in most cases this is made of solid glass.

Also, the standard semi-frameless showers have L-shaped metal frames lining the base of the floor to the top of the glass. Thin metal edges along the doors and on the edges where the door meets the facing wall, may also be added.  In effect, this eliminates the heavy and bulky metal frames of themore traditional framed showers which are fully framed on sides and doors and around the perimeter.

But then, you might have heard or read about the problem with leaks. While it is true that leaks, is one of the drawbacks of frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosures and doors, Jim’s Glass has the most reasonable and reliable answer. Leak problems only happen when your semi- frameless doors are improperly fitted and measured. And this can only be possible if your installers are not skilled and are not well trained to handle semi- frameless glass door installations.


Jim’s Glass frameless shower screens are custom measured and manufactured to Jim’s extremely high standards. All of the glass panels are made from heavy duty10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, and fully comply with Australian Standard AS1288/2006.

Jim’s Glass specialize in the manufacture and installation of glass products, which ensures that you will receive the best quality workmanship and final product, as experienced by our thousands of extremely satisfied customers.  Call 131 546 or click here to book an appointment.