Energy Efficient Windows and Glass Panels

Making your home energy efficient is not just good for the environment, but is also good for the family in terms of health and financial benefits.

If you are thinking of upgrading your home to a greener and healthier version, it is high time you learn more about the use of energy efficient windows and glass panels.


If installing solar panels may be too much of a renovation option for your family at the moment, try replacing your steel and wooden doors with glass sliding doors and installing additional mirrors. This way, you can actually start reducing electricity costs to almost 50% since you do not need to turn on light bulbs often. This is because glass panels can increase your home’s illumination capacity to about 40-60% due to its transparent characteristic. They allow sunlight to reflect and pass through the glass panels which can brighten up the room without the need for more electrical consumption.

Energy Efficient Glass

Installing energy efficient glass windows will help your home save on heating and cooling expenses. By using the right type of glass windows, you can use the same glass windows to trap or to channel the air towards the right direction to minimize the energy expelled by your heating or cooling appliances.

More Energy Saving Tips for your Household

  • Keep your windows clean and clear to enhance a brighter and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Keep air-conditioning units and humidifiers or other insulating and cooling appliances clean and dust-free.
  • Make sure you have good fitting doors and windows. Gaps and spaces between edges can let cold air escape and would mean additional effort for your air-conditioning unit.
  • Maximize the use of temperature control settings in your home. Refer to your appliances’ manuals for more information.
  • Replace older appliances with newer, more energy efficient ones. The savings you may incur with new appliances may amaze you and your budget and can actually prove more cost efficient than maintaining and repairing old and outdated ones.
  • Upgrade your windows and doors to more energy efficient choices.

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