When Is Safety Lawful

32-300x213 When Is Safety LawfulUsing the wrong glass in the home or the office can land you in a lawsuit should it break and cause injury to others. Hospital bills, as well as legal fees and more, can result from broken glass. Making sure that the safety of the people who are going about their daily routines around glassworks is part of responsible ownership.

The Australian glass safety standards motions to spread awareness about safety glass and promotes its usage. However, some people are sceptical about the market price of safety glass. Thinking about the expense that an owner can get as a result of injuries from broken glass, the cost of having safety glass installed and complying with safety standards is way lower.

Glass Cases

A case in Western Australia where the plaintiff was injured as broken glass fell on his right leg as he walked straight into a glass door. The owners were found to be negligent in following set safety standards.

A preparatory student from a local college in Perth cut the underside of his arms when a standard glass window broke at the college’s quiet room. The judge said that the circumstances could have been foreseeable. AU$30,584 was awarded to the boy due to the college’s failure to upgrade the windows.

Ignorance of the Law Excuses No One

Awareness about safety laws is the responsibility of every citizen. Ensuring one’s own safety, as well as others, is an important part of Australian safety standards. Upgrade or change old windows to the highest standard safety glass to make sure no one gets injured when windows, doors, partitions, table tops, and mirrors break.

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