How Bathrooms Go Through The Looking Glass

62-300x200 How Bathrooms Go Through The Looking GlassBathrooms are the ultimate private space within the home. Treating it well can prove to be a pleasant experience, but how does one do just that? Ensuring that everything works perfectly within the bathroom, as well as giving it the best ‘facelift’ transforms an ordinary bathroom into a special place.

Most of today’s bathrooms are small and stuffy. If only we can create more space, people will start feeling how special that little space is. If only it can look elegant, people would come to accept it as a ‘me space’ within the home.

Through The Looking Glass

Everything looks bigger and brighter when looking through the mirror. Light is enhanced and bounced off, making the whole bathroom appear brighter. The mirror image of the bathroom is extra space created by the mirror’s magical ability. The brighter the room is and the fuller the image in the mirror is, the bigger and brighter the bathroom can look.

The magical looking glass creates the extra space that is needed by projecting a mirror image, as well as eliminating the need for big, bulky boudoirs that some old houses have.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

A single mirror that takes up one of the walls in the bathroom can make wonders, and make the bathroom look more modern and elegant. No one can be wrong with mirrors. However, making sure that the mirror that is being installed is made of glass and is according to safety standards is the best facelift a bathroom can get!

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