Shower Screens Adelaide

How Your Shower Screen Effects The Look Of Your Adelaide Bathroom

Finding The Right Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

Replacing your shower screen can be the budget-friendly way to give your Adelaide bathroom the sprucing-up it needs. As the focal point of most bathrooms, shower screens can demonstrate decadence and provide your bathroom that classy modern touch.

There are a variety of shower screens available to suit your bathroom’s requirements both in style and in price. We’re going to look at eight of the most sought-after shower screens in Adelaide for your consideration.

Once you’re through with this article, you should have a sound understanding of which of the shower screens will be right for your Adelaide bathroom.


The most popular choice for families. Fully framed shower screens present an entirely closed shower that will suit all bathroom sizes and budgets. Framed shower screens look best in busy bathrooms.


This choice of screen is ideal for small bathrooms. The minimalist style makes your space feel much larger than it is and looks fantastic in monochromatic, sleek settings.


These shower screens maintain all the durability of the fully framed variety but have a more sophisticated design. The aluminium framing is much less prominent and can make your Adelaide bathroom appear more spacious.

Pivot Door

This traditional screen will rotate opened, or closed from a fixed pivot point. It is an ideal choice if your shower is not freestanding and is much more suited to large bathrooms. Pivot doors give a reliable and robust look to your bathroom.

Bi-Fold Door

The bi-fold door is fantastic for smaller bathrooms as its practical folding mechanism saves space without compromising on aesthetic. These function exceptionally well in contemporary Adelaide bathrooms that like to utilise space efficiently.


For a shower located in the corner of your bathroom, the quadrant is the optimum choice. The quadrant gives a neat appearance and most often, come equipped with sliding doors, which look exceptional in bathrooms that are tight of space.

Fixed Panel

These shower screens are the most exceptional choice. They are made of one frameless glass panel and give spacious areas a regal touch. Because they only have one panel, they require a drying area, which will work in large bathrooms.

When it comes to shower screens, it can sometimes feel like there are too many decisions to make. Luckily, the experienced team at Jim’s are experts in glass fitting and can help you achieve your dream Adelaide bathroom.

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