semi-framless shower screen

Enhance Your Adelaide Bathroom with a Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Enhancing Your Bathroom With A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

A modern and satisfying bathroom renovation is never complete without that striking shower piece dominating the room. One of the best ways to get that sleek and trendy look is with semi-frameless shower screens.

Semi-frameless shower screens offer effortless elegance and provide that timeless look for your Adelaide home. If you intend to improve the value of your home and bathroom, semi-frameless shower screens could be what you’re looking for.

The professional team at Jim’s has decades worth of experience installing semi-frameless shower screens and always looks to give our customers peace of mind that they are dealing with the experts. With the backing of Jim’s Glass Lifetime guarantee, you can rest assured that semi-frameless shower screens are the right choice for your bathroom.


Adelaide bathrooms have come along way in 50 years, with a multitude of coloured tiles dominating many bathrooms that now look dated. Most new Adelaide bathrooms opt for that modern white and chrome look that semi-frameless shower screens are perfect for.

With their slim and unencumbered design, semi-frameless shower screens create a dynamic and spacious feel to your bathroom. Jim’s offers a range of screens to work with any size or era bathroom your Adelaide home might have.


At Jim’s, we always use Australian standard safety glass, but this doesn’t mean you have limited choices. We are specialists in frosted semi-frameless shower screens and can also tint with different colours for a more decadent feel.

Another handy design feature of semi-frameless shower screens is the variety of options for the door. We can install a door that opens left to right, right to left, or sliding doors if you are short on space.

There is also a mountain of door handles to choose from, and our magnetised closing doors prove very popular as they improve security and water-resistance.


Due to their slimline design, it would be easy to think that semi-frameless shower screens are weaker than average, this is not the case. The Australian standard glass that we use is extremely durable, and the frames, while smaller, are just as dependable.

The other worthwhile thing to note about semi-frameless shower screens is they’re extremely easy to clean. The limited amount of visible frame means that there are fewer spots for scum to develop and a smaller surface area to wipe over when it’s time to clean.


Semi-frameless shower screens offer everything you could want for a smart and effective bathroom at a budget-friendly price. These screens won’t break the bank and will leave your Adelaide bathroom looking pristine for years and years to come.

If you’re interested in transforming your bathroom, then enlist the experts at Jim’s.

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