How You Can Protect Your Antique Table Without Hiding It Away!

How To Take Care Of Antiques

Lots of us have beautiful antique tables hiding away in our sheds or back rooms in fear that if they’re used, they’ll just get ruined especially if there are people who refuse to remember to use a coaster under their drink!

Antique tables that have been passed down through your family for years and years shouldn’t just end up as dust collectors. What if you could use and admire your antique table every single day without any fear of damaging it?

Well, with Jim’s Glass’ custom made table tops that dream can easily become a reality. You’ll never have to worry about tarnishing a beautiful wooden finish after investing in one of Jim’s table tops.

Custom Made to Perfection

The expert glaziers at Jim’s Glass will cut your glass table tops to fit perfectly on surfaces of simple and complex shapes. Whether it’s your coffee table, a boardroom, or dining room table tops, Jim’s Glass has the experience required to achieve the perfect result every time.

No design shape is too unusual for the team at Jim’s Glass; we have had over 30 years creating glass table tops for the residents of Adelaide. One of our trained and skilled specialists can provide you with a free, no obligation measure and written quote or make a correct template for table tops that are of an irregular shape.

Unparalleled Protection

Custom made table tops are the ideal solution to enhance the look of your furniture as well as protect it from the elements. Glass table tops extend your furniture’s life by preventing scratches, spills, stains and dents.

As well as being a genuinely attractive and sophisticated option to spruce up the look of your furniture, glass table tops are waterproof and extremely easy to clean. Whether it’s an antique tabletop, cabinet, side table or any other timber or painted surface, custom made glass table tops will keep them safe for countless years to come.

We Do Repairs Too

If you’ve already made a wise choice and have protected some of your antique furniture with glass tabletops, but they are starting to lose some of their sparkle there’s no need to worry. We can rejuvenate old, tired and scratched glass and bring your room’s centrepiece back to life.

Our glaziers are all fully qualified and insured with current police clearances as well as being active members within the Australian Glass and Glazing Association. At Jim’s Glass, we do all we can to provide you with peace of mind, especially when dealing with old and prized possessions with sentimental value.

Should you have any queries about our glass table tops or think it’s about time to reinvigorate your antiques, then give the friendly team at Jim’s a call today!