Pet door

Looking for the Perfect Pet Door?

Jim’s Glass Has a Solution!

If you have cats or dogs, then pet doors are essential to your home. But how do you choose the perfect pet door?

Like everything else around the house, pet doors have become very advanced. At Jim’s Glass, we use the latest technology to manufacture pet doors that are not only ideal for your pets but also your home, as well.

Location Flexibility

When it comes to pet doors, location is critical. What if the perfect spot for a pet door in your house is a window?

With Jim’s Glass, your pet doors will not be limited to wooden doors only. We can integrate our pet doors in any sliding glass door, hinged glass door, laundry or kitchen window, or any other low-level glass panel around your home. This way you will have more freedom to choose the most convenient place for your pet door.

Visually Appealing

Who said that installing a pet door has to ruin the look of your house? With our pet doors, you will not have to choose between the convenience of your pet and the style of your house. Our pet doors have the perfect finish that will perfectly blend with the surrounding architecture of your home.

Being that it is made of high-grade commercial acrylic and a double-sided mounting system, our pet doors will complement any glass door or window they get installed into.

Safety and Security

Our fully-integrated pet doors will not compromise your home’s security, unlike the insert panel system used by other pet doors suppliers. An insert panel is an accessible gateway for thieves to your home.

Jim’s Glass also provides you with more security options. Our pet doors can be easily locked or set to swing only one way.

To ensure the safety of your pet, we install our pet doors only into A-Grade toughened safety glass.This way can we guarantee that the final result will withstand the harsh weather conditions and your pet going in and out.

Electronic Pet Doors

With this upgrade, your pet doors will use an electronic system, allowing only your pet through. You simply attach the system to the underside of your pet door, so it could sense when your pet is approaching via the collar tag it is wearing.

Electronic pet doors will not only keep any undesirables out. They are also the perfect solution to block harsh weather conditions, like snow or heat, out of your house.

Lifetime Guarantee

When we talk about the durability and strength of our pet doors, we mean it. To prove our confidence in our products, Jim’s Glass provides a lifetime guarantee on all of our pet doors.

Fast Pet Doors Installation

With Jim’s Glass, you will not have to wait for your pet door for long. Once we take the measurements and your order is placed, you can expect to get your new pet door installed within seven business days.

What are you waiting for? Get your pet the perfect pet door, call Jim’s Glass now!