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How Do I Make A Glass Insurance Claim?

Glass Window Replacement Insurance

Sometimes accidents happen which can result in damages to the glass around your Perth home. Unfortunately, repairing such damages can be a costly affair. At Jim’s Glass, we proudly provide our professional glazier services to all of our clients at affordable prices, working with you to create a solution within your budget.

As glass replacement is one of the most common types of insurance claims, it becomes a significant part of your insurance policy for your home or business. At Jim’s Glass, we also work with an extensive range of insurance companies to provide you with a full glass and glass window replacement service. No matter if it’s a broken shop front, shower screen or broken window that requires replacing, we are authorised and the industry leaders for providing our clients with glass replacement services in conjunction with their insurance companies.

To find out how to make a glass repair insurance claim with Jim’s Glass, keep reading!

When To Make A Claim

Before deciding to make an insurance claim for your damaged glass, it is highly essential to analyse your situation and look at how your claim may affect your insurance premiums in the future.

A vast majority of insurance claims are designed to discourage people from making claims on minor damages by creating an excess amount with every claim. These excess amounts or deductibles can sometimes be as high as one thousand dollars!

It is when it is best to evaluate whether your glass repair is going to cost less than it would in insurance excess. Not only would making a claim result in you having to pay a hefty surplus, but it could also potentially result in you having to pay more for your premium the following year.

At Jim’s Glass, we are all about affordable service. Whether you choose to make an insurance claim for your glass repair or not, we will work with you to develop a timely solution that is backed by our ten-year warranty regardless.

Insurance Claim Procedure

Our long-standing relationship with a variety of major insurance companies means that your claim will be processed quickly and fuss-free. See below for the Jim’s Glass insurance claim procedure:

– Give The Jim’s Glass team a call.
– We will respond and provide you with a solution
– Pay your insurance excess directly to Jim’s
– Get a claim reference number from your insurance company
– Provide this claim number to Jim’s Glass
– From here we will bill your insurance company directly
– Your insurance company will cover the remaining service costs

Why Choose Jim’s Glass?

If you’re looking for a premium glass replacement service, look no further than Jim’s Glass. With several years of experience and a passion for excellence, we’ve got you covered!