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Jim’s Glass provides a complete Insurance service for broken glass replacement for homes & businesses. It does not matter if it is a shopfront, shower screen, window or door, Jim’s Glass is acknowledged as one of the industry leaders in glass replacement services and is authorised to provide glazing services for all the major insurance companies.

As glass replacement is one of the most common types of insurance claims, it becomes a very important part of your insurance policy for your home or business.

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Should I Make a Claim?

Before deciding to make a glass insurance claim it is important to analyse your situation and how a claim will affect your insurance policy in the future. Many insurance policies are designed to discourage small claims by incorporating an excess which is to be paid by the insured on every claim. The most common excess amounts would be between one hundred and five hundred dollars but some are even as high as one thousand dollars.

Obviously if the value of your glass repair is close to the excess amount it would not be advisable to lodge a claim. Besides having to pay your excess some insurance policies will also penalise you by increasing your yearly premium for the following year.

Regardless of your decision to make an insurance claim or not, Jim’s Glass will still provide a fast and reliable service, backed by our industry leading 10 year warranty and glazed by industry trained professionals who are fully qualified, fully insured & have a full police clearance.

Insurance Procedure

Due to our long standing relationship with insurance companies your insurance claim can be processed with the minimum of fuss. Here’s how simple it is:

  1. Call Jim’s Glass on 131 546
  2. We respond and replace your broken Glass
  3. Pay your insurance excess direct to Jim’s Glass
  4. You contact your Insurance Company and get a claim number
  5. Provide your claim number to Jim’s Glass
  6. Jim’s Glass bills your insurance company direct*
  7. Your insurance company pays Jim’s Glass the balance owing

*In most instances. Some Insurance companies prefer to reimburse the insured. In this instance you will need to pay the amount in full to Jim’s Glass and your insurance company will reimburse you direct. Your Jim’s Glass Glazier will let you know if your insurance company will accept direct billing or if you need to seek reimbursement from your insurer.

Simply call our 24 Hour Hotline on 131 546 and lets Jim’s take care of the rest