What Glass Shopfront Can Do For Your Business

23 What Glass Shopfront Can Do For Your Business

As a retailer, one of your most important promotional tools is your shopfront window. With strategic and creative planning, your shopfront can tell people what your business is all about and what you offer. You can take further advantage of this feature with the help of frameless glass system.

For years, frameless glass has been used to draw attention to the front entries of shops and other businesses. Whether you are constructing a new outlet or renovating an old one, frameless glass offers you the following advantages:

  • Enhance your shop’s visual appeal. Glass is simply beautiful to look at. Compared to “solid” shopfronts, glass can entice people to take a peek on what is inside the shop.
  • Capture customer’s interest. Transparent glass allows your display to stand out as people walk by your premises, letting them see what you offer even before they enter.
  • Round the clock marketing. A glass shopfront provides an opportunity for you to boost your promotional efforts, regardless of the time of the day or night. If your shop is closed for the day, people passing by will still be able to see your display. Should they see anything they like, they could just decide to come back some other time or during regular business hours.
  • Maximise available space. Shopfronts with framed glass designs block the customers’ full view of the shop display or interior. On the other hand, frameless glass helps expand your customer’s line of sight into your shop. This will easily get their attention and draw them inside.

Glass shopfronts can indeed help your business in a number of ways. With proper maintenance, it can serve its purpose for years to come and thus, provide great value to your money. If you are planning to install a glass shopfront for the first time or upgrading your old one to high quality safety glass, Jim’s Glass is at your service. Call 131 546 to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your options.