How to Make The Most of Decorative Mirrors

22-300x200 How to Make The Most of Decorative Mirrors

A mirror can be used in different ways to enhance home interiors. It can add a certain effect that a number of other decorative pieces can’t. With custom cut mirrors, you can make any room look brighter, spacious, and elegant.

Mirrors let you makeover a room without doing drastic structural changes. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate decorative mirrors into your interior design:

  • Bevelled mirrors – These mirrors have a glamorous look. They create more sparkle than ordinary flat mirrors, as they catch and reflect more light. This makes them great for maximising the use of light within an enclosed space such as bathrooms or small bedrooms.
  • Convex or concave mirrors – Hanging these mirrors is an excellent way to create the illusion of space and maximise the light in an asymmetrical shaped room. They work well when hung opposite a gorgeous piece of art, enhancing its appeal.
  • Long, stretched mirrors – These types of mirror are great for narrow wall spaces or alcoves, which may otherwise look unfinished and boring when left bare. A long, stretched mirror can visually expand the space and provide the necessary finishing touch.
  • Etched and sandblasted mirrors – These mirrors add a unique design element to homes or offices. With the use of state-of-the-art techniques, personalised designs can be created for any type of glass applications – from shower doors to large dining room mirrors.

With creativity and careful planning, you can use mirrors to bring out the best features of your interior spaces. They also have the potential to highlight the worst parts of your room, if you are not careful. The way you place your mirrors can change the feel of your home. But apart from its placement, be sure to take into account the mirror’s shape and style.

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