Glass Home Options

The versatility of glass transcends time and space. It is not surprising that glass has conquered most of Australian modern homes of today. Glass pieces are not contained only in baths or the living room area but extend to almost each and every area of the home.

Living Room

The living room can be a venue for memorable family time together. It is also a place where guests and relatives gather for meaningful conversations.

Glass pieces can make your living room more spacious and more relaxing. This fact goes past the usual glass table tops and mirrors. Modern homes have utilized glass ceilings that allow a good amount of illumination. Glass sliding doors or panels can also divide your living room to accommodate an enclosed private space for other functions like a mini bar, an entertainment room, a hobby room or a display of personal collection like figurines, crafts, art collection, books, etc.

Glass fireplace doors are also getting more and more popular. Apart from being a safety measure, (since open fire can be dangerous) glass fireplace doors can also be an energy saving fixture that you will not regret to have installed in your home.

Dining Room

If you think glass pieces can only be used for the dining table as a glass table top for protection, think again. There are a lot more ways to utilize glass raw materials for more aesthetic and functional fixtures. Upgrade your cupboards and mini hanging cabinets with glass doors and you’ll have a chance to showcase your China porcelain collection or your mini condiments collection. Your kitchen utensils can also be kept in transparent, translucent or smoked glass casings that will be decorative and functional at the same time. A glass-themed dining room may award you savings since you will definitely enjoy coffee in your own home and won’t need to go out to the nearby coffee shops to be relaxed.


Upgrade your shower and bath using frameless shower doors and vanity shelves. Your towels can be folded neatly and kept in glass cabinets with your other supplies like tissue paper rolls and other toiletries. Add coloured light fixtures and you will see your bathroom transform into a spacious spa-like haven with just a few glass fixtures installed.


Kitchen can be decorated with appropriate splash backs to give it that modern and more functional, easy maintenance boost. Your home library can utilize a sturdy sliding room facing your veranda or your garden for that perfect view when enjoying your favourite book. Your books will also be more organized when stored in transparent glass casings and shelves.

The list is endless when it comes to glass fixtures and pieces for a more beautiful and functional home.


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