Framed Shower Screens

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Our made-to-measure framed shower screen is the practical and cost-effective solution to enhancing your bathroom. A framed shower screen enhances and brightens any bathroom, whether it’s in a new home or replacing an existing, worn out screen in an older bathroom.

Constructed from 4mm – 6mm safety glass contained within a strong and durable aluminium frame that completely surrounds each glass panel, its robust construction guarantees years of troublefree service. A full-length handle is integrated into the door design creating a strong, convenient yet visually unobtrusive handle. Sturdy and resilient, featuring high-grade aluminium, stainless steel pivot pins and quality hardware, our framed shower screen will provide years of low-maintenance, active use. A 10-year guarantee on hardware and components along with Jim’s Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship means that you can be confident that your new or refurbished bathroom will look its best well into the future.

Whether you are building from scratch, renovating, modernising or simply replacing an old, worn out screen, the Jim’s framed shower screen is the cost-effective solution that delivers a reliable, flexible and long lasting shower screen solution with outstanding value for money.

1 Framed Shower Screens

1 Framed Shower Screens

2 Framed Shower Screens


f1 Framed Shower Screens

The doc gutter allows excess water low run back Into the shower area when the door is open.

f2 Framed Shower Screens

The unique full-length handle moulding is integrated into the door design – creating an extremely strong handle that is convenient to use. yet remains stylish and visually unobtrusive.

f3 Framed Shower Screens

The prove design of these shower screens constructed using high-grade aluminium guarantees years of trouble-free service.


4 Framed Shower Screens

White Birch

5 Framed Shower Screens

Black Birch

7 Framed Shower Screens


8 Framed Shower Screens


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10 Framed Shower Screens

Matt Natural

11 Framed Shower Screens

Bright Silver


c2 Framed Shower Screens

Expert measuring and design combined with precision installation

Why is a Jim’s Shower Screen the best choice? We have an experienced team of professional tradesmen, skilled at measuring and installing shower screens. Installing a shower screen is a complex task as no two bathrooms are the same. Out of square with slopes and obstructions is commonplace. A shower screen that is measured and installed correctly results in a perfect fit. This ensures it melds beautifully into your bathroom, custom designed to your personal taste, style and budget. Importantly, all Jim’s Shower Screens are measured and installed by Fully Qualified Glaziers and Installers who understand and work with glass on a daily basis.

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