How Can Glass Safety Standards Make A Difference

46-300x199 How Can Glass Safety Standards Make A Difference

Broken glass is a hazard no one wants to happen within the home or office. If your property has been built before 1989, chances are; the glass is not made of safety glass. Glass made prior to 1989 breaks in shards; sharp, jagged edges that can injure a person and can even take the life of someone in worst case scenarios. Making sure that old glass is made of safety glass means guaranteeing the safety of people moving and working within areas that have glass.

Innovation in Glass

Laminated Safety glass has an inner lining that holds the glass in place even when it is broken in granulated pieces. This is the type of glass that is recommended for both the home and workplace to ensure the well-being of individuals. More and more people are now aware of the benefits of safety glass. Not only does it uphold safety, but it also gives the advantage of less noise, and more insulation.

Safety standards were not written just to tell people to buy new glass. Its main goal is for the overall safety, especially children and the elderly. Aside from home windows, doors, and tabletops, frameless glass systems and shopfronts are recommended to be made of safety glass. There are other uses for this such as shelving, and shower screens. Assuring that the glass used is up to safety standards (whether frameless or semi-frameless) confirms quality, as well as security.

Who Will Be There?

When glass is broken, professional glaziers should be able to replace the glass as soon as possible. Broken glass, with all the hazard it brings, should be taken care of by professionals. Finding glaziers who have emergency replacement is a blessing to every owner with glass problems.

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