How To Flaunt Your Display Space

45-300x200 How To Flaunt Your Display Space

Displaying your products and services comes first when you want people to notice you, so why waste precious space? Frameless (or semi-frameless) gives an uninterrupted view of what’s going on inside your shop. The more people who can see you inside, the more they get interested. It is a marketing strategy that does a lot of help to any entrepreneur, big or small.

Upgrading your existing your shopfront or installing a new shopfront with Australian safety standards at your back, you can be assured that it will be of 100% quality and up to standards. It also lowers the possibilities of injuries due to broken glass while maintaining a stylish storefront.

Security Question

Worried about security? Burglar resistant glass is now being used as part of safety standard. It has a tougher inner layer that resists high impact breakage. The inner layer effectively prevents an intruder who tries to gain entry with the use of hammers, bricks, axes, etc. You also have the capability of incorporating a security system on the glass itself for added security.

Beauty, functionality, security with the added feature; safety glass is insulated. This in turn can give you the benefits of saving on energy bills at the same time. Energy-efficient glass keeps the heat in and the cold out and vice versa, making your heating and air conditioning appliance work more efficiently.

The New ‘You’

Design your own shopfront together with experts in frameless and semi-frameless glass systems. Create a look that is solely yours and make a unique presentation of the products and services you offer. Made by professional glaziers who are trusted for years in the industry, Jim’s Glass can repair, replace, upgrade, and install a new shopfront for you!

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