Why Every Pet Owner Needs To Invest In A Pet door!

The Importance Of Installing A Pet Door:

Imagine for a second that you are stuck on a bus.

It’s a long journey, and you have at least two hours until you arrive. That’s when you start to feel it. Slowly at first, but then it starts to intensify.

Nature is urging you to find a loo as fast as possible, but you’re trapped.

It’s quite possible that your pet is experiencing a similar uncomfortable situation more often than you’d think – that is, if you haven’t invested yet in a pet door!

Your Pet Needs to Answer the Call Too

When our beloved pet can’t freely answer the call of nature, it can undergo a large amount of stress. See, your pet doesn’t want to let you down by soiling the new carpet, but everything in its physiology is urging it to do so.
This internal conflict leaves your pet in a high state of anxiety and worry which negatively affects its health and can manifest itself in a whole host of behavioural and health problems from urinary tract infections to neurotic scratching and chewing of your furniture.

A pet door from Jim’s Glass allows your pet to have access to the outdoors and be free to come and go to relieve itself whenever it needs to. Pet doors make life easier not just for your pet, but also for you too. Oh, and they look pretty awesome, are super safe and can be installed right into your current glass panel!

Your Pet is Bored

A Jim’s Glass pet door allows your pet to stave off boredom through the exciting sounds and smells of the outdoors. More space means that your pet can have more exercise, which means that you won’t be woken up at 3 am by a little someone who needs to burn off a bit of excess energy!

Pet doors are also very convenient for people who have mobility issues and find it difficult to move to open the door multiple times a day. Older folks and those with a disability can enjoy great peace of mind knowing that their pet can reap the benefits of the extra activity without having to get up and down multiple times a day to let their pets in and out. If you own a pet, a pet door might be the best investment you make this year.

Your pet will be happier and healthier. With the freedom to roam outside, it can go to the toilet in just the way that nature intended while also getting more exercise and stimulation throughout the day.

You’ll be able to relax on the commute home safe knowing that a foul-smelling accident isn’t waiting to greet you in the hallway!

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