Shopfront Replacement in Topham Mall

This is a project we completed where an old shopfront had been damaged. ( A car reversed into the glass!) This old window had 10mm standard glass and was being held together by only the obscured film. To do this project, we had to carefully remove the old glass. Being standard glass, it posed a safety risk as this glass when broken creates razor sharp shards can are very dangerous, especially given the height of this particular panel. Given the proximity of cars to the shopfront, it is likely another car may at some stage reverse into it again. If this was still standard glass it could come crashing down! After carefully removing the old glass, we installed 10mm laminated safety glass, making this large shopfront safe and compliant with the glazing code as Australian Standards. If this panel ever broke again, the laminated interlayer will hold the glass safely together ensuring no-one got hurt. To finish the job we applied new obscure film to match what was there before. Another successful shopfront replacement!

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13 Shopfront Replacement in Topham Mall