Why Do I Need To Upgrade To Glass

48-300x200 Why Do I Need To Upgrade To Glass

Upgrading the home to give it a ‘facelift’ can increase its overall market value. If your house is constructed prior to 1989, chances are glassworks within the home do not meet Australian safety standards. Homeowners may not know it, but they may be throwing money out the window!

Cost-Effective House Facelift

Optimising and upgrading your home can come as a pleasant change for the homeowner. With energy-efficient glass, prevention of unnecessary heat loss during winter, as well as cold air from air-conditioning during the summer can save you heating and cooling costs. With insulated glass or sound reducing glass panels, windows and doors, natural light comes in the home as it effectively keeps heat inside.

Create a spectacular feature in your home with decorative and functional mirrors! Bounce light off and save on electrical bills. Mirrors help illuminate an area as homeowners can keep an eye out from the other side of the room. They are also a great way of creating the illusion of space, making the area look bigger than they really are!

Bathrooms will look brighter and more elegant with glass shower screens. Glass shower screens are also hygienic ideas as they are easier to clean, and eliminates the possibility of mould and mildew growth. Couple this with splash backs for the bathroom and kitchen walls which are stain resistant while maintaining a hygienic surface.

Getting It Done

Enhancing your house to bring it up to standards is clearly a good way of maintaining a place of easy living. Finding professional glaziers who could turn this into reality need not be a daunting task. Call Australia’s most trusted name in professional glazing services who provides 24/7 repair and replacement. Get in touch with Jim’s Glass at 131 546 and get your free measure and quote today!