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If you want to undertake a bathroom renovation, one of the things you must be thinking about is installing a shower screen. Shower screens are utility items that can help maintain a clean and sanitary bathroom. Instead of placing bath screens or shower curtains, add a shower screen and watch how beautiful your bathroom can get.

Are you looking for shower screens to improve your bathroom aesthetics or design? Are you looking to enhance the functionality of your shower area? Look no further, Jim’s Glass has the best shower screens in Adelaide. To show how important the shower screen is to your bathroom, Houzz.com.au has estimated that 48% of homeowners in Australia who are above 60 years old have added a shower screen to access the shower quickly. But how can you select the right shower screen in Adelaide that suits your needs?

To help you choose the right shower screens for your bathroom, we are going to look at a few tips you should consider.

Work With a Budget

Although most shower screens are affordable, you can quickly get different prices in different shops. Of course, you need to always work within a budget without compromising on quality. Don’t choose something cheap then spend a fortune repairing the product. To get an affordable and high-quality shower screen in Adelaide, call Jim’s Glass today.

Consider the Space Available in Your Bathroom

Once you have laid down a budget, consider the size of the available space in your bathroom. To get this right, measure the shower space and the surrounding area. If your shower space is small, you should get a frameless clear glass shower screen. This type of shower screen does not have extra attachments; they also fit well in compact spaces. Additionally, your bathroom will look larger because of the clear glass.

If you have a bigger space, get a semi-frameless or frameless shower screen with frosted or tinted glass. Also, when you are getting a shower screen in Adelaide, look at the shape of the screen. For small spaces, shower screens with bifold or sliding doors are convenient because they are easy to access. For large areas, hinged or pivoted doors are suitable options.

Go for High-Quality Glass

Always go for high-quality glass that meets the Australian safety standards. High-quality glass reduces the risk of accidents in your bathroom when your kids are showering. The type of glass offered at Jim’s glass meets the required standards of safety. Quality glass will not break or crack, even with if you exert some force. Your bathroom will always be safe for your family when you choose high-quality shower screens.

Call the Professionals

Although this seems straightforward, some homeowners tend to install shower screens by themselves. Do not do this. Installing a shower screen requires a lot of skill. If anything goes wrong, it can become dangerous and costly. Call our team of experts to help you with the selection and installation of your shower screen.

To get the right shower screen for your bathroom, call Jim’s Glass today at 131 546, or visit our offices in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland. For more information about our services, visit Jim’s Glass website.